Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 27, 1963

We've come to the end of 1963. The last issues (just for the year)
The K/men are ending the year with the pictures (the caricatures will be back eventually) WOW! #1 is now Out Of Limits-Marketts, I guess both stations finally got new copies of the records.
Highest debut on K/men As Usual-Brenda Lee #7
New this week The Shelter of His Arms-Sammy Davis, Jr.
Our Love Affair-Wink Martindale
You Don't Own Me-Leslie Gore

Big jumps for The Nitty Gritty-Shirley Ellis #33 to #8 and
Surfin' Bird-Trashmen from #38 to #16
Highest debut #33 The Twelve Gifts of Christmas-Allen Sherman
New this week
Big Mean Draggin' Machine-Lynn Bryson (Was this a misprint, or did one of the KFXM jocks have a record out?)
A Fool Never Learns-Andy Williams


Anonymous said...

Hey yes both stations, and at the
same time, conceded to the tile
change of OUTER LIMITS to OUT OF
LIMITS. Who knows why they stuck
it out so long. Just picking on
a moot point.

Anonymous said...

HARLEM SHUFFLE has to be one of
the best oldies of all time.
Great beginning to end.
BUT it wasn't really a national
hit, per Billboard's TOP 100.
Still great to hear it on oldies
stations on west coast.

The Stones did it in the
70s but it didn't compare.
No way.