Friday, December 19, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 13, 1963

Still spelled Outer Limits-Marketts #1 on both stations I guess the radio stations didn't pay any attention to the record company's new spelling
Highest debut I Have A Boyfriend-Chiffons #31 a few Christmas songs new this week on KFXM this week Pretty Paper-Roy Orbison and Little Saint Nick-Beach Boys also Santa Claus On A Whirley-Bird-Pat Boone and I Wish You A Merry Christmas-Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva
KMEN has added a Christmas list with a few new songs, including one of my favorites A'Soalin'-Peter, Paul & Mary
Also new Baby, I Love You-Ronettes


Anonymous said...

Looks like the original Mark Ford didn't last too long! But the other Mark Ford did!

Anonymous said...

Yea seems both stations didn't
care about the new title
It debuted on Billboard top 100
on 12/7/63 as OUT OF LIMITS.
It stayed that way through it's
up and down their charts.

WB couldn't enforce what the stations
did or publish. Just as long as
the tune was played. But in any
case, that's the history of
the title switch on this tune.

Anyone have any side tidbits on
this item?