Saturday, December 27, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag December 27, 1968 Happy New Year from The Jones Boys

The #1 songs on KFXM during 1968. I didn't check for accuracy, but feel free to go back and see if it's correct. There are only 51 weeks, so they did not count Crimson & Clover as #1 this week, even though it was.

The musical highlights and events of 1968
Under the Beatles it mentions the nude photos intended for the cover of the Beatles album. As far as I know, the photos were always intended for the John & Yoko Album. Was there ever a picture considered for the Beatles album?
A couple Jones Boys with Glen Campbell, Just Plain and Unsinkable

Below there are winners of a contest, and one is Zed Ziegenbusch. Could this actually be future K/men's Ted Z?
When you look at next week's survey, you'll see that they treated this week's top 30 as the same as last week's survey, so if you'r keeping track Crimson & Clover is still #1
#1 on KFXM for 1968 Hey Jude-Beatles Lot of interesting songs on the top 100. Look #98 Bring Back Those Doo Wops


Bill Earl said...

Yes, there WAS artwork intended for the Beatles WHITE ALBUM. First, George Martin wanted only the best 14 songs used for a SINGLE lp. The LP was to be called "A Doll's House." The cover artwork will be posted this morning on:
The Beatles OVERRODE Martin's recommendation for a 14 songs and put out the double album which, in my book, is mostly filler. I have my own ideas as to what the 14 best songs are. When they decided to go with a double LP, they dropped the cover artwork AND "A Doll's House" title. An obscure band picked up the name "Doll's House" BEFORE the Beatles could "lock" that name in...word got out...another band beat them to it. Again, I hope Doug displays the original "A Doll's House" artwork for his readers here. I was 18 in November 1968 and recall all those above details very clearly. It's all true...I was there.

Ted Ziegenbusch said...

Guilty as charged! I remember being a contest winner for the Mystery Artist on KFXM. However, by late '68 I was already on the air at K/men doing the weekly high school news reports. Thankfully, I don't recall anyone from K/men seeing my name on the Tiger Mag. I don't know the exact date of my first official air shift on K/men, but it was overnights when Dave McCormick was still the program director. When I was 20 years old, they made me the station music director at K/men and (as they say) the rest is history. Great memories! Thanks for your work on this terrific site.

Ted Ziegenbusch
Now @ KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles

Gene F. said...

I never liked "Teddy Zee"...He's one of those longtime Los Angeles "talents" that if one were to repeat something they ever said, one would draw a blank. He's a liner card reader with ZERO personality. He never would have made it during the era of Color Radio or The Eleven-Ten Men. Sadly, HE is an example of what seems to last in Southern CA radio...a Jerry Mason/Paul Freeman bland liner reader with nothing original to say. I'm sorry, Teddy, but how you ever got your SECOND "bite of the apple" at KOST or KBIG (whichever one it is) is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Uncalled for !
Tell him directly. Why embarrass
the guy in public.

Anonymous said...

According to CA law, it's okay to criticize a public figure's "act" or "performance." It's not okay to criticize a public figure personally. While rather blunt, Mr. F. was within his First Amendment rights by critiqing Ted's talent or lack thereof on the radio and did not cross over the line into anything improper. Any public figure has got to have a thick skin. It goes with the job.
What's the old saying, "Just spell the name correctly."

Anonymous said...

Now you're getting into legalities.
I agree with you on that and first
amendment rights to free speech.
What about a social conscience?
What about respecting the other
as a human being. Has everything
turned into "it's legal" so it's
ok. Not so. Have some
human decency or is it too late??
Are we already in the year 2525.

I don't think this is a forum
to bash others when it's not
provacated. Public person or no.

Anonymous said...

Can I offer an even-handed comment on the last three?
I think what gene was saying (but did so in a somewhat brusque way that could have been said more diplomatic) is the fact that Ted Z. and today's air talents either cannot or don't know how to be the personalities that doug showcases here from kmen and kfxm. Maybe ted COULD "jock" like the way the early KMEN did, but management won't let him. Or maybe he wouldn't know how. Only Ted knows the depth of his talents.I think what gene was trying to say is that radio TODAY is lacking in the personalities that made radio so EXCITING back in the KMEN heydey. Do we really think that 40 years from now, someone on the internet will showcase KOST from 2008? I don't think there's any printed matter, that I know of, in which one even COULD. In defense of Ted, who I never heard back in the KMEN days (was he ever pictured on a KMEN folder?)if he DID jock on KMEN even during the tail end of KMEN's glory years in the early 70s, then he must have pased muster.
Again, I think Ted today along with most air talents are forced to do what management tells them...or they lose the gig. I think we can agree that the KMEN of the early 1970s were NOT the "personalities" like the 1962-1966 guys. "Boss Radio" and the growth of FM changed the era of "personality radio." Again, we can still COMMENT, but not in as heavy handed a way that gene f. did. But i think i know where gene is coming from. Today's radio is just NOT anything special anymore. And THAT is the very very sad realty.

Anonymous said...

Gene could have made
a general statement that radio
today is nothing what we
knew of in the 60s. Never will
be again. They all have their
cycles. They come and go never
to be repeated. Much like
variety shows on TV. Probably
never appeal again.

BUT, to attack someone personally
here is uncalled for. Opinion
or not why demean someone who didn'
t provoke it. Period.

Ted J. Baloney said...

I guess Gene F is so unhappy with life so he has to heckle people online. It’s a good thing Ted Z doesn’t go down to the carwash and heckle Gene F while he’s working..

Greg Mitchell said...

Gene F., Did you ever consider that in today's radio, it's the station that dictates what the jocks can and cannot do?

Even 25+ years ago, the "jocks" on the Mighty 690 read the same liner cards verbatim over and over again 24/7. If they added one word of personality in a break, they probably got slapped around..

I've known T Ziggy for almost 30 years and he's a good guy.