Sunday, December 21, 2008

K/mentertainer December 21, 1962

Peppermint Man/Surf Beat-Dick Dale #1 again. As someone mentioned before, the biggest hit on K/men for 1963, and that probably applies to KFXM as well.
Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades highest debut #7 and has always been one of my favorites. New Tornadoes-The Gremmie Parts 1 & 2 also I Saw Linda Yesterday-Dickie Lee

Keep it on K/men for the Dick Dale Story coming soon... exclusively on 129!!!

Sorry, no back side of the survey this week.

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Anonymous said...

"Limbo Rock/Popeye"
was on the list (since Aug 23) longer than any song in 1962.

"Peppermint Man/Surf Beat" Has more weeks at Number One.

One of those 2 records would be my guess as the Number one for 1962