Sunday, December 28, 2008

The NEW Buffalo Springfield

I asked the question about, who was in the New Buffalo Springfield, andI got a couple answers, as follows:

Dewey Martin was the original drummer in Buffalo Springfield.

From Wikipedia:

Martin mischievously formed a new version of Buffalo Springfield inSeptember 1968. Dubbed "New Buffalo Springfield", the line up comprised guitarists Dave Price (Davy Jones' stand-in in The Monkees) and Gary Rowles(son of jazz pianist Jimmy Rowles); bass player Bob Apperson; drummer Don Poncher; and horn player Jim Price, who later became a top session musicianfor The Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker among others.
The new band toured extensively and appeared at the highly publicised"Holiday Rock Festival" in San Francisco on December 25-26, 1968, amongother live dates, but soon fell foul of Stephen Stills and Neil Young who took legal action to prevent Martin from using the band's name. In February 1969, Martin and Dave Price formed a second version of New Buffalo Springfield with guitarist Bob "BJ" Jones and bass player RandyFuller, brother of the late Bobby Fuller.
The band did some tentative recordings with producer Tom Dowd overseeing but they were scrapped. The second line up was expanded with another guitarist Joey Newman in June 1969 but two months later, Martin was fired and the remaining memberscarried on as Blue Mountain Eagle. Martin then formed a new group called Medicine Ball, which released a lone album in 1970 for Uni Records. Martin also released two solo singles, one for Uni and one for RCA, which didn't appear on the album. During the 1970s,he retired from the music industry to become a car mechanic.

Also from a comment through a reader's personal experience:

The New Buffalo Springfield was Dewey Martin and Mike Zalk (BS manager) rip-off band after Buffalo Springfield broke up.
I was a huge BS fan and first saw them at The Purple Haze in Riverside on January 12, 1968 with Bruce Palmer on bass. I went to the December 6, 1968 show at Swing to see Buffalo Springfield. I wasnt too fond of Eric Burdon and the Animals but my friend Bob Shephard was into anything British Invasion. I kept telling Bob that Buffalo Springfield was going to blow The Animals off the stage.
I had heard that the band broke up in LA during the summer and the hot rumor was that the New Buffalo Springfield was Steve Stills, Ritchie Furay, Jim Messina, Dewey Martin, the returning Neil Young, new members David Crosby and - fresh off his drug bust with Young, Messina, and Furay - Eric Clapton.
Imagine my surprise when the New Buffalo Springfield came on stage with Dewey Martin fronting the band. The only other person I recognized at the time was Dave Price, a guitar player and singer I had recently seen as a stand in for Davey Jones on the Monkees tour. And there was a horn player to boot! What a kick in the crotch. They were still better than the Animals. I now know the line-up to be Martin, Price, Gary Rowles - Guitar, Bob Apperson - bass, Don Poncher - Drums and Jim Price - horns.

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