Friday, December 05, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 4- 5, 1970

George Harrison is now the Beatle in the spotlight

My Sweet Lord/Isn't It A Pity-George Harrsison #1
Highest debut Do It-Neil Diamond #24
Hit Bound
We Got To Get You A Woman-Runt
Merry Christmas Darling-Carpenters
San Bernardino (spelled correctly)-Christie being played on K/men
Black Magic Woman-Santana #1
Highest debut One Less Bell To Answer-Fifth Dimension #21
Future Hit It's Impossible-Perry Como


Anonymous said...

For those of you that have never heard "San Bernardino" by Christie,(although it's spelled incorrectly on the record), it's available on "You Tube"

Anonymous said...

It may not be a typo but
instead it's about a city
in Sweden or Switzerland.
There is a SAN BERNADINO out

Anonymous said...

Checked my world atlas. No city exists named San Bernadino.