Sunday, December 07, 2008

K/MEN--- George Babcock 1962

Reported at the blog

George Babcock passed away. Not too many details there. Anyone have any information?


Anonymous said...

George Died some time ago, maybe a year, as I read it on another site at the time. He was supposedly living in Needles, CA. I remember him well from his time at KFXM and K/MEN. He always did late night or overnights at those stations. I don't remember him at any of the L.A. stations. Always enjoyed listening to him in my youth.

Lexington, KY

Danny Dare said...

George was the original all-night jock on K/men and had this great rasping voice. I ran into him once in the mid-60's...he was living in Pasadena and working as a contractor. Said he didn't miss radio (I wonder if he really meant it!).