Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1963 KFXM

K/men presented their top 129 of 1963, but KFXM never published (to my knowledge) their year end list.
So a few years ago I loaded the information I had from the KFXM surveys from 1963, and came up with the following top 170 of the year. The calculations included the weeks on the survey, and the position it held to determine it's year end position.
It qualified for 1963 if it hit it's peak position in 1963.
This is probably not 100% accurate, but it is something to compare the K/men survey to for 1963. I can't go back and recheck anything at this time on the old computer, so if it had mistakes, they are here to stay.

#1 the same as K/men Surfin' USA/Shutdown-Beach Boys
Most unusual in the top 10 #6 Lovers-Blendtones
The first song not to hit #1 that made the list was #7 Popsicles & Icicles-Murmaids made itup to #2#25 Don't Mention My Name-Sheppard Sisters
#59 C C Cinder-Sunsets
#100 Wax Em Down-Avantis
Leslie Gore didn't do too well with Judy's Turn To Cry #106
Beatles made #114 with From Me To You beat out Be My Baby-Ronnetes #131 Donna The Prima Donna-Dion #146 Just One Look-Doris Troy #170


Anonymous said...

I think we're all gonna disagree
on a lot of these. Some should
have rated much much higher. BE MY BABY
is one.

I guess OUTER LIMITS rated much
higher than OUT OF LIMITS.
Moot point but what the heck

Greg Mitchell said...

Doug, you put much more effort into this than KFXM would have typically done, even on a year-end chart...

Most likely, the official KFXM Top 100 of the year would have been a good part subjective and based much on the thoughts of the Program Director & Music Director at that time.

To give points to chart positions reached and weeks on would likely have been too much work and they wouldn't have gone to those lengths (at least they would not have in 1975-76)..

No offense to who would have been in charge in 1963, but by the mid-70's, the station wasn't concerned with small details like that.