Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Of My K/men Stories

Starting in 1966 I used to win a lot of contests on KFXM and K/men Ask Danny Dare- he may or may not remember. He actually told me one time I may have to be limited to the number of contests I could win.
K/men Contest
On New Years Eve 1970 I was getting ready to go to a party, and the contest I was waiting for came on.
"Be caller number 100 to win the Top K/men 100 for the year."
Well I managed to do just that. I was told I would get them within a week. Didn't happened. A little more than a week later, my parents went to the station for me, and they were told that a little more time was needed, but they were given 3-4 albums for the inconvenience.
I got this letter a couple days later. Anybody recognize the names of the other winners on the letter?
By the end of January I did get most of the prize. Probably between 85-90 of the hits, another dozen LPs.
It worked for me.


Anonymous said...

I got the same thrill in
1965 when I won the top 93 hits of
the year. You guessed it. From
KHJ. Couldn't wait for them
to get here so I could put
my hands on them and admire
each one. For someone in
Berdoo at the time it was great. I got them a week
into 1966.

Greg Mitchell said...

KFI used to have a weekly contest in the early 80's to guess the Top 10 songs on next week's Hit Parade..

I think the winner may have received $640 cash. The runners-up got 25 hit LPs from KFI.

I entered a few times and eventually hit as a runner-up. I didn't hear the mention of my winning on KFI on the air but others did.

Very quickly, a box came by UPS from KFI with the 25 LPs.

Unlike KMEN, they must have had the prizes in hand before running the contest..

Greg Mitchell said...

It's always good to have the prize in hand before running a radio contest..

When Mark Driscoll was hired as PD at KNDE in Sacramento in 1977, he immediately ran a Star Wars contest.

As I recall, he didn't have the prizes offered on the air in hand, had no way to get them, and the winners got diddly-squat - unless something else was substituted.

But most likely, IMO, they just hoped the winners would forget and go away..