Friday, January 02, 2009

Top 129 of 1963 & Of All Time K/MEN

You've been presented with the K/men surveys from 1963 for the past year, so now the final results.

K/men 1963 Sound-A-Thon Souvenir Survey #1 of 1963 Surfin' USA-Beach Boys #10 Wipeout-Surfaris
***The Beatles made the survey #113 From Me To You, it beat out Our Day Will Come, Fingertips, Part 1, Hey Girl among others
#129 Deep Purple-April & Nino
I don't know the story behind the 129 of All Time. Anyone out there know? Any insiders remember how they came up with the ranking? Was the survey was played on over the air?
Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith #1
Not too many 1950s songs (The highest 1950s is #9 1959 Mr Blue-Fleetwoods, #10 1957 Diana-Paul Anka.
There is one 1955 song Earth Angel-Penguins #65 and earliest and highest ranked Elvis Presley-Heartbeak Hotel #17 1956.
Of course there is La Bamba-Ritchie Valens #98.
Also not as many Elvis Presley as I would expect (but a surprise King Creole #42).
Not even Rock Around The Clock-Bill Haley (or did I just miss it?)
#129 Sweet Little Sixteen-Chuck Berry

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