Sunday, January 04, 2009

KFXM January 2, 1960

It's A Brand New Year, and this time it's 1960, featuring KFXM surveys.

Announcing #1 in The Riverside-San Bernardino Area

First #1 for the year El Paso-Marty Robbins
Moving up from #10 to #2 Running Bear-Johnny Preston Helping KFXM look like a Country Station's survey
A song I'm not familiar with is #5 There Goes My Love-The Fantastics
Two songs by Andy Williams on the survey #15 The Village of St Bernadette and #24 Lonely Street
Mack The Knife-Bobby Darin still holding on at #23 with #28 Teach Me Tiger-April Stevens A theme record for KFXM in the middle 60s.
Highest debut #39 Go, Jimmy, Go-Jimmy Clanton
Conway Twitty also having two records on the survey #11 Halfway To Heaven/Danny Boy and Lonely Blue Boy debuting at #40

New "Wax To Watch"
First Name Initial-Annete & The Afterbeats
Cape Canaveral-Manny Sootz & The Theives
Velvet Eyes-Russo Bros (I have a copy of this 45, and I like it!)
She Loves The Love I Give Her-Tompall & Glaser Bros, who made it big on the country charts in the 1970s

"The Swinging Seven" DJs
Lyle Kilgore, Gary Price, Roger Christian, Ron Garner, Dale Ware, Ed "Batman" Thomas and Cliff Cox


megablogger said...

There Goes My Love by the Fantastics was just that, a fantastic doo wop, on RCA.

Question: Was the previous week the first week on the chart for Hully Gully by the Olympics - the record had been around since July '59, but the wrong side - Private Eye - had been pushed.


KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

This is the third week for Hully Gully on the survey. It was #37 for the prior two weeks. Very unusual