Saturday, January 24, 2009

KFXM and K/men January 24, 1964

#1 and highest debut I Want To Hold Your Hand-BeatlesNew this week
Please Please Me-Beatles It didn't take too long for other Beatle songs to start hitting the charts.
Shooting Beavers/Phantom Surfer-Tornadoes
Glad All Over-Dave Clark 5

This week a picture of the new K/men dj Lynn Bryson, straight from KFXM
Anyone Who Had A Heart-Dionne Warwick #1
Highest debut I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles #18
My story: In 1964 my dad had a coupon book where you could get free stuff. One coupon was for a free 45 at a record store (must have been Lyles, but I don't know) He must have picked it up this week, because he told me they gave him the #1 song (they must have been using the KFXM chart-I got Anyone Who Had A Heart). Too bad they weren't using the K/men survey.
The Big Al Walk-D. Graham Crackers
KFXM djs: Bob Holmes is gone and introducing Dave Fransen


Anonymous said...

It's not too hard to see why K/men
was killing KFXM in Early '64...
First of all It's clear K/men
jumped on the Beatles and KFXM
had strange moves on its survey.."A Letter from Sherry" 24 to 2?
K/men's DJ line up was so much better than KFXM's.It was not even close!

Anonymous said...

Seems KFXM continued their shaky ways
even after they moved to the Holiday
Inn and new studios. The PD/GM was
all over the place. Kind of beta
testing and too much of that.
KFXM finally become competitive
in 1965. Much tighter presentation
and better music charts and Jock
stability. Al Anthony era did it.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend back in the 60's that helped Ray Morgan out at K-MEN. His name was Benton Mosteller. He also played bass guitar in a band called The Almost. I was the drummer in that band.If anyone remembers Benton please leave a note. Thanks, Gary.