Saturday, January 24, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag January 24, 1969

Another new color this week. A very pale pink.
Canned Heat and Creedence Clearwater Revival coming to the Swing Auditorium. I remember a promo that Creedence did for KFXM. It went something like this: Hi! We're the Creedence Clearwater Revival and we're listening to the Jones Boys on KFXM!

Touch Me/Wild Child-Doors #1
Highest debut Games People Play-Joe South #21
Joes Boys Picks
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting-Donovan It will soon be flipped over and Atlantis will be the bigger hit.
Nothing But A Heartache-Flirtations Should have been a bigger hit.

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Anonymous said...

Trying to figure out who the Jones Boys were.

I have figured out Al Anthony, Danny Dare, and Bobby Blue. Who are the others?