Thursday, January 29, 2009

KFXM and K/men January 29-30, 1971

This K/mentertainer for 1971, will be the last one I have to print until Feb 26, 1971 and that will be the last K/men survey I have until June 1971 (with a new look, and some new people). In April and May I have a couple playlists, which I will publish when the dates arrive.
HELP! Does anyone out there have any K/mentertainers from these missing months (Feb, Mar, Apr, May)? Does anyone know if they were even any published?
I would appreciate any help/information. Thank you.

I will continue to post KFXM 1971 I Hear You Knocking-Dave Edmunds #1
Highest debut Mama's Pearl-Jackson 5 at #16
Presenting Bob Brooks Midnight - 6, now on K/men
New this week Ride A White Swan-Tyronasaurus Rex, later to be T.Rex
Rose Garden-Lynn Anderson #1
Highest debut Blue Money-Van Morrison #24
Bob B. Blue's back! Where did he go?
KFXM reminds you about the Three Dog Night Concert. Feb 5th at The Swing. One of the few concerts I actually went to at the Swing Auditorium
Future Hit
Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You-Wilson Pickett

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Lord Darth Sidious said...

the Inland Empire's all-time leading disk jockey for that evening time period had just returned to work following a
severe bout of pneumonia which hospitalised him in December 1970.
for those in the know, KFXM's "Heavy Little Kid" really did find himself completely incapacitated by that illness; hence, the warm reception Bob b. received upon his recovery.