Saturday, October 03, 2009

KFXM and K/men October 2, 1964

You Really Got Me-Kinks #1
Highest debut Last Kiss-J. Frank Wilson #24 It's For You-Cilla Black (a lesser known Beatles composition)
Everybody Knows-Dave Clark Five
You Really Got Me-Kinks #1 and highest debut
Also debuting Scratchy-Travis Wammack #5
If You Need Me/Around and Around-Rolling Stones (never a US single)
Baby Love-Supremes
Chug-A-Lug-Roger Miller
Softly As I leave You-Frank sinatra
Gone Gone Gone-Everly Brothers


Anonymous said...

On the KMEN chart, I see
It's more like EVERYBODY KNOWS
(I still love you).

Later on in late 1967 they would
have another midsize hit with
EVERYBODY KNOWS. This is totally
a different song than the one
charting here in FALL 64.
This is the only group I know of
that had 2 chart hits with the
same title but are 2 different
songs. Totally different.
Now this one I loved dearly.
The words caught me the first
time. I would play it over and
over. I related to the heartbreak
they sang about. Now you know my taste.

Anonymous said...

Also on the KFXM chart as a PICK HIT
for Gene Gleeson.

Anonymous said...

By the way, October 1 marks
the 1st Anniversary of KFXM
moving to the Holiday INN.
Poolside, as they loved to say.

Towers are still there, the building
is still there. It's storage for
somebody now. Sad sight to see as
I transition southbound through the 215/10 interchange and glance over for
a quick peek between the buildings. Sad yet a comfort to
remember what a great station it
Good old 666 FAIRWAY DRIVE in

Lord Darth Sidious said...
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Lord Darth Sidious said...

indeed, the relocated KFXM/KDUO-FM studios and business office at the then-newly built Holiday Inn were a crowning monument to the Tullis and Hearne broadcasting empire. "Broadcast City" was, is and remains the classic 1960's radio station showcase for the revitalized Tiger Radio format which would sweep KFXM into ratings history under Al Anthony's creative stewardship.
BTW: just a couple months before the new facilities were ready at "Broadcast City", another legendary local business had also recently opened a venue on Del Rosa Avenue in eastern San Bernardino, that being the then- newest "Taco Tia" restaurant -- which has been regularly advertised on KFXM's (also recently reformatted) "Tiger Tune Sheet". how ironic that 45 year later, only Taco Tia has survived (at that same original location) while the famed KFXM/KDUO-FM grand broadcasting centre is gone forever!