Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KFXM October 21, 1960

Sorry for the quality, but this is the best I have for this week. Someone sent me the survey in two scans, with the middle section missing.

A Thousand Stars-Kathy Young & The Innocents #1

Highest debut Last Date-Floyd Cramer #20 New

Perfedia/No Trespassing-Ventures

Twisting and Kissing-Fabian


Anonymous said...

There are no future hits under
WAX TO WATCH. Some big names
but no hits.
Mostly duds and played a week
then disappeared.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

must have been down-time for the recording industry in general with songs like "Hansel and Gretal", "Giggles", "Side Car Cycle" and "Report To The Nation"
although it might be interesting to listen to these short-timers today... ya never can tell.

megablogger said...

Giggles is currently a very rare and expensive doo wop 45 featuring the great Tony Allen - remember Nite Owl? It's rare because it didn't sell.

Oliver Cool is Rod McKuen

The Lettermen record was on Warner Bros., just one release away from their first big hit on Capitol.

And the Damita Jo, an answer record to Save The Last Dance For Me was a national hit.

As to the hit list, Chills & Fever by Ronnie Love - originally by Johnny Love - was a moody rocker, but no one seems to know a thing about Love - the artist, not the emotion - well, yeah, that too.

Any help out there?