Wednesday, October 07, 2009

KFXM October 7, 1960

What finally knocked Jimmy Charles out of the #1 spot? I Want To Be Wanted/Just A Little-Brenda Lee
Highest debut #18 A Thousand Stars-Kathy Young & The Innocents
#21 Hank Ballard getting a little credit for The Twist New
Today I Sing The Blues-Aretha Franklin
Whole Lotta Shakin'-Chubby Checker
Stay-Maurice Williams
Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go-Hank Ballard
He Will Break Your Heart-Jerry Butler


Anonymous said...

I see ROGER MILLER here with
It would take 5 more years for
his string of real hits.

Is this song actually IN THE
SUMMERTIME? The one by Andy
Williams a year back? I think
I've heard this Roger Miller
tune on oldies radio KFXM-FM and seems to
match the Andy Williams song.
Just a different title.


Anonymous said...

Yes, The Roger Miller one is the same as the Andy Williams one. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Darth Sidious.
What makes you an authority of Inland Empire radio? Also, what makes you an authority of the music that was played on KFXM and K/MEN? I find you obnoxious.
I worked hard to make a rapport with my listeners, obviously, it paid off. (with great ratings)
I was privileged to work for both Al Anthony and Dave McCormick. Why don't you tell this site who you are?
If you paid attention, you would have noticed how these two stations influenced playlists from coast to coast. Compare the surveys from these two stations to the Billboard charts. You will find the IE was way ahead of the whole country.
Johnny Helm (aka the Helmsman)

Lord Darth Sidious said...

an open letter to Johnny Helm (aka The Helmsman).
your critical commentary is noted, and now a fair and balanced response:
1. obviously, something in my postings hitherto have piqued a subjective emotionalism in you which is most unfortunate because, at until now, you had been a favourite local radio personality of mine from the old days. however, my personal admiration aside, my contributions to this blogsite are NOT coloured by my feelings but rather, by the impartial and objective factual documentation and analysis accumulated through my academic research of two hometown radio stations, KFXM and KMEN. this One has NEVER stated him Self as any such "authority of Inland Empire radio" but rather, quite simply aspires to investigate, learn, collate and disseminate his findings on topics of mutual interest discussed herein.
2. is this forum not but FOR the OPEN DISCUSSION of our favourite subjects herein? are not all persons, including YOU and this One given free licence to express any and all comments or remarks the individual sees fit to contribute without fear of denigrating appelations from another blogger? should the postings of one or any other contributor be of specific nature so as to not upset the delicacy of a fellow blogger who is quick to append a personalised characterisation such as "I find you obnoxious" when that blogger is in disagreement with another's statements or opinions?
all together, Sir, methinks NOT!
3. your defensive posture seems to indicate a perception on your part that this One has somehow attacked you or your professional broadcasting career of the past. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! of all the people here who are at the same time both former listener and associated at one-time with either station, no one is more well aware of your successes in local San Bernardino radio than i. furthermore, NO prior postings of mine have ever portrayed any less status than what has been your due -- especially for that "perfumed letters" promotion spoken awhile back. it is possible, however, that prior comments of mine about that subject were somehow misinterpreted by you, Johnny, for which -- IF that was the case -- please accept my cordial public apology. personally speaking, i thoroughly enjoyed your recounting of that "perfumed letters" event; and as for my attempt of eliciting your response to my query about your "schtick", this was done in the context of my being a fomer disk jockey in the industry and as an old fan of yours as well.
4. NOWHERE to be found in any of my postings has there ever been any negative commentary by this One about Messiers McCormick and Anthony. of the former, Mr. Cormick's programming tenure at KMEN was most noteworthy as is mutually attestable. as for the latter, i have held only the highest professional approbation for this man who did amazing things for the Tullis and Hearne radio empire; insofar as this writer is concerned, i have sufficient reason for acclaiming Al with the historical accolades due his well-known accomplishments.
5. yes, this One has indeed always paid extremely close attention to the music surveys of KFXM and KMEN along with a myriad of other stations nationwide. you are most correct that San Bernardino radio playlists were AT times "way ahead of the whole country." Absolutely that was the case as with other significant stations like WABC, KHJ, WLS, KFRC, KOL, KGB, WHBQ, KXOA, KROY, etc. our hometown stations' "survey of the hits" were unique in their own regard but to be fair, the same was applicable to other radio markets which were as progressive if not more so than locally.
6. finally, personal animosity and expressions of intolerance towards contributing bloggers tends to place a dampner on the free discourse inherent as the purpose upon which this website was originally set up for: an unrestricted forum predicated on contributed commentary without prejudice. this One subscribes to this higher calling of honourable participation and respectfully encourages your reconsideration for doing the same. thank you, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah...
Yada Yada Yada...

Johnny, Thanks for an honest
LDS: Is it really necessary to
put into so many words when
a simple paragraph would do?
Too much lawyerise.......
I tried reading your response
but gave up after so much
menuschia. Too much scholastic
Drop the tude, dude.

Anonymous said...

Question for LDS on LSD:
Were you ever directly involved
with either station?
Did you work there?
Just trying to validate
your opinions.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

Yaba Daba Doo...

Anonymous, thanks for the dishonest blog.
PUD: is it really necessary to put in so few words when an intelligent paragraph would do?
too little facts......
i tried reading your response but gave up after so much juvenality.
too little intellectual capacity.
drop the Nintendo, boy.

Dantius Palpatine (aka The Sidious One)

Lord Darth Sidious said...

Response for Anonymous on STP:
was [i] ever directly involved with either station? YES
did [i] work there? YES

just trying to invalidate your
previous childish statements.

{FYI: this One does NOT have to validate him Self to any blogger, including you, in order to contribute, yes?}

Anonymous said...

No, you don't owe anyone
an explanation for your views.
But it does help to know
where your knowledge comes
It's called validation.

OK we can all stop the
bitching here. It's not
for that. Let's get back
to facts without slamming

Free speech is one thing.
Getting nasty with others is
quite another.

Lord Darth Sidious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lord Darth Sidious said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lord Darth Sidious said...

THANK YOU, Anonymous. you said it, man, your sensible take on what's important here: let's get back to sharing our stuff, be cordial and leave all the crapola behind, period!
(all prior misgivings will be forgotten by this One IF reciprocal by those bloggers concerned.)

Anonymous said...

It's a deal!

Now I'm wondering what postings
were deleted. That bad?
Come on, moderator, tell us why.

This is becoming a TMZ of sorts.

Onward and forward. Forget the
recent past and let's FLASHBACK
to the oldies only.......

Nice to give credit to THE TWIST to
Hank Ballard when this was CCs
time to shine. Chubby will be back with
this one as a #1 again next year.
That's a milestone I don't think anyone
has ever broken. Same record# 1
in 2 different years.

BUT Hank Ballard has one of his
best rising with LET'S GO. It's one
of the best oldies ever !!
Makes you wanna dance everytime.

Anonymous said...

It's quiet here.

There's a thrill up on the
hill....Let's Go...Let's Go...Let's Go..............

Lord Darth Sidious said...

still stuck on Ballard's (and The Midnighters) previous R&B smash from 1954 "Work With Me Annie", a great rocker with 'hush-my-mouth' lyrics; followed by "Annie had A Baby" that same year -- both recordings an all-time great listen.

Anonymous said...

Interesting times that the 2 by HB would
even get played. Then came another
one: 60 MINUTE MAN by the Dominoes. Now that
one has implications beyond the
times. The South probably revolted
on all of these.
Nothing by today's standards.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

now that would be a great 3-record set: "Work With Me Annie" followed by "60 Minute Man" and then "Annie Had A Baby". always liked those suggestive-innuendo type records of the day especially the ones with double-entendres which i would use to effect during my radio programs.

Lord Darth Sidious said...

whoa! i know this isn't 'exactly' forum subject but, i'm already hearing Christmas music in the stores already... sheesh, not even Halloween yet! guess the national economy is pushing retailers ahead of the game???

Anonymous said...
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