Saturday, October 31, 2009

KFXM and K/men October 30, 1964

Don't have October 30, 1964 KFXM survey, but because in October 1965 KFXM did a one year ago today in their Tiger Mag, I can present you the top ten of this week. Next week will be the same situation. You will get the Top 10 again.
Baby Love-Supremes #1 Last Kiss-J Frank Wilson #1
Highest debut Everything's Alright-Newbeats #5 also Ask Me-Elvis Presley #7
Blueberry Hill-Little Richard
Thou Sall Not Steal-Dick & Dee Dee
Big Man In Town-Four Seasons
a few interesting songs on the Honorable K/mention
The oldest from July I'll Be Back-The Beatles It must have got a lot of airplay. Would have been a great single.
Little Honda/Wendy-Beach Boys half of the EP that also featured Hushabye and Don't Back Down
If You Need Me/Around and Around-Rolling Stones a British single
Gone Gone Gone-Everly Brothers A few years ago on the TV series American Dreams, the Everly Brothers were featured on the American Bandstand portion of the show performing this song. Anyone remember this? Also last year Alison Krauss had song with this same title performed with one of those guys from Led Zeppelin. Was it the same song?


Lord Darth Sidious said...

come on now, folks, someone out there must have the missing KFXM 1964 weekly surveys as indicated... help Doug out by sharing them here, please.

Anonymous said...

"Gone Gone Gone" and "Stick With Me Baby" are songs the Everly Bros
released as singles that are on the album by Alison Krauss and
Robert Plant.

Bob Harlow

Anonymous said...

Bob O'Brien and I were amazed to hear them singing the Everly's "Gone,Gone,Gone" on one of the network morning TV shows a while back ! Jonny Bruce KDES