Saturday, October 21, 2006

KFXM fabulous 40 Survey-October 21, 1966

The previous posting has a very good top 40 survey that I rememer listening to a lot and hearing most on KFXM. So I thought I would comment on each entry.

Gary Marshall Behind The Door-Cher---Sorry this Cher song is one I'm not familiar with and never did hear on the radio
Al Anthony There's Nothing Else On My Mind-Barry McGuire Not a hit, but I'm familiar with the Cashman-Pistilli-West version, which I really like. And I also believe the Mamas & Papas backed Barry on this record.
Bill Surrey My Girl The Month Of May-Dion & The Belmonts Could someone tell me about this song? I've never heard it
Barry Boyd I'm Ready For Love-Martha & The Vandellas not their biggest hit, but one of my favorites Martha Reeves.
Dick Lyons She Digs My Love-Sir Douglas Quintet Another flop for SDQ. The personal picks weren't doing too good
Danny Dare Lady Godiva-Peter & Gordon Well at least on of the Personal Picks will be a hit. Thank you Danny Dare

#40 Secret Love-Billy Stewart Debut of the followup to "Summertime". I do like Billy Stewart's music.
#39 Love Is A Hurting Thing-Lou Rawls This was his first big hit
#38 See See Rider-Animals I've heard a few vesrions of this songs, and I like this one the best. Why doesn't oldies radio play this anymore?
#37 Why Pick On Me-Standells Great garage rocker from the band that gave us "Dirty Water".
#36 Stop Stop Stop-Hollies One of the best British invasion groups. I bought a copy of this song at Harris'
#35 With A Girl Like You-Troggs The soft sound for the group that gave us "Wild Thing". They'll be back with Love Is All Around a similiar sounding song
#34 Baby What I Want-Barbara Lewis The singer who brought you "Make Me Your Baby" and "Baby I'm Yours". Those were great, but I haven't heard this one.
#33 All That I Am-Elvis Presley Elvis wasn't being played very much in 1966. The flip side of this single was the movie title track "Spinout".
#32 You Are She-Chad & Jeremy Good song by Chad & Jeremy. The album this song was from (Distant Shores) is one of my favorites. I actually have a copy on CD.
#31 Melody For An Unknown Girl-Unknowns Never heard this song, know nothing about it.
#30 Reach Out, I'll Be There-Four Tops One of their biggest hits, and one of their most played records. I heard it on the radio yesterday (...and today).
#29 Cherish-Association Their first smash of many to come.. A lot differerent from "Along Comes Mary".
#28 Who Am I?-Petula Clark Not one of her best, and people seem to agree by not buying very many copies.
#27 Rain On The Roof-Lovin' Spoonful. Such a good song. Would not turn it off if I heard it on the radio.
#26 Little Man-Sonny & Cher They kept trying. They would have a few more flops before "The Beat Goes On".
#25 Great Airplane Strike-Paul Revere & The Raiders Really different style for them. This song may have been a bigger hit in 1967 when Pschodelic songs were more popular. Could this have been the first psychodelic sounding hit? Can anyone think of another one?
To be continued...


Harley Davidson said...

Hi Doug,

Being the Paul Revere and the Raiders fan I am I can tell you a little about "Melody For An Unknown Girl". This song was an instrumental that appeared on their "Midnight Ride" album.

I also found this on a website about Steve Alaimo:

While at Atco, Alaimo produced and recorded a covert hit with a studio group called The Unknowns, a star trio which consisted of Alaimo, Mark Lindsey, and Keith Allison, the latter two of The Raiders. Confirms Alaimo, "Mark Lindsey and Paul Revere had co-written a ballad called 'Melody For An Unknown Girl' [BB #74, '66]. However, this was not a song that the Raiders could do. It came out on Marlin first, distributed by Parrot, then on the Parrot label. The saxophone solo on that song was played by none other than Bill Justis."

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Thanks Harley-
Now that you mention it, I remember there was a nother song by the Unknowns called "Tighter". There was also a Paul Revere & the Raiders album track by the same name. Probably, once again the same song.

Gary Schneider said...

How about "Too Much Talk" by PR & Raiders. That had a great FUZZ bass break throughout the song. "Airplane Strike" is also on a Sundazed cd in a longer Psyche version.