Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more KOLA info

Article praising how wonderful automated radio was and the wave of the future. KOLA is now live with DJs. Much better. FM in the 1970s was becoming very popular with Stereo sound. Beautiful music and classical music stations may work well this way. But disc jockeys live on the air are a big part of rock and roll radio, or any type of popular music radio,
KOLA-The POP sound of the Inland Empire!


Anonymous said...

That was an interesting article
on KOLA.

"The Pop Sound of Southern California"
was coined by Don Elliot and given
to Helen Jones when it first went
on as KOLA. I think that was back
in 67. Not sure of the date.
That's how I remember it.
Any input on this?

Anonymous said...

Great journalism. No comments from the competitors just the convicted murderer waxing on how great KOLA is. How could they have possibly been number one back in 1973? That's 2-3 years before FM really was in the driver's seat in terms of in-car listening.