Monday, October 23, 2006

KFXM Top 10 October 21, 2006

#10 If I Were A Carpenter-Bobby Darin The last big hit by Bobby, written by Tim Hardin. Did you know that Tim Hardin only hit "Simple Song Of Freedom" (not a huge hit nationally-but top 5 on KFXM) was written by Bobby Darin?
#9 That's The Way It's Gonna Be-Lee Mallory I know this was on Valiiant Records, but not much else about this song, except I don't think it even charted nationally.
#8 Girl On A Swing-Gerry & The Pacemakers The last hit for this British invasion group. This was played so much I got tired of it real quickly.
#7 Let Love Come Between Us-Rubber Band This was a catchy pop tune more suitable for the summer of 1967. James & Bobby Purify seemed to know it, they charted with this same song in 1967.
#6 96 Tears-? & The Mysterians A smash erywhere. KFXM was no exception.

The top 5 songs are some of my favorite songs. Of course changing depending on what I feel like listening to.

#5 Good Vibrations-Beach Boys How much did it cost to make this record? It has been interesting to hear the outtakes and works in progress, but the hit single is still the best.
#4 Walk Away Renee-Left Banke Haven't got tired of this song yet. Didn't some of this group end up in the 70s group Stories?
#3 B-A-B-Y-Carla Thomas In 1966 I spent some of my precious money on this single. Everybody thought I was crazy, but I really like it. Much better than "Gee Whiz" (at least in my opinion)
#2 I'm Your Puppet-James & Bobby Purify This has been played so much on the radio, I'm almost getting tired of it.
#1 Poor Side Of Town-Johnny Rivers King of the remakes. He made number one with one of his own songs. Johnny Rivers one of my favorite artists, and is still recording. The albums he has put out in the last few years are good, and would not be a disappoinment to Johnny Rivers fans. There is a new 2 CD greatest hits on his own label, with most of his original hits on the first CD from Imperial/United Artists, plus some gems of later songs and unreleased recordings on the second CD

Well for the first time (and maybe the last) my comments of the KFXM top 40.

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