Sunday, October 22, 2006

KFXM Survey 10/21/2006 continued

#24 I Just Don't Know What To Do-Dionne Warwick A minor hit among some really big hits. I don't remember ever hearing this song on the radio.
#23 Open The Door To Your Heart-Darrell Banks It does sound like a Dean Martin title, but has a lot more soul than Dino. Pretty big hit in the Inland Empire.
#22 All I See Is You-Dusty Springfield Nice song, but not a big hit for Dusty.
#21 You Keep Me Hanging On-Supremes Debuting this week, and headed to the top nationally. Tops out at #3 on KFXM. Wait a couple years and hear the unexpected version by Vanilla Fudge
#20 Look Through My Wnidow-Mamas & Papas They have another one the charts, should have been a bigger hit
#19 Black Is Black-Los Bravos Loved this song in 1966. Until recently have heard it a regular basis. Group formed in Spain. Lead singer Mike Kennedy (from Germany) had a minor solo hit in the 70s with "Louisiana"
#18 Baby, Do The Philly Dog-Olympics Yes this is the same group that did "Western Movies" in the 50s, which was their first hit. This was their last hit, and the the flip side was another version of "Western Movies".
#17 Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long-Myddle Class Saw this song listed on the survey. Always wanted to hear it. Even requested it, but never did hear it. And it almost made the top ten on KFXM.
#16 Dandy-Herman's Hermits This was written by Ray Davies of the Kinks, and Peter Noone got attached to it. Sounds like a typical Herman's Hermit song.
#15 What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted?-Jimmy Ruffin For the longset time was my favotite Motown song.
#14 Winchester Cathedral-New Vaudeville Band Highest Debut of the week. It did not make to #1 on KFXM like it did nationally. I thought it was interesting at the time. I think it still gets played once or twice a year.
#13 Go Away Little Girl-Happenings A group that made thier career on remakes. Also a song that would be remade again by Donny Osmond.
#12 Talk Talk-Music Machine WOW! I think this song is less than two minutes long. But it 's great. This is in my top 5 favorite garage hits of the 1960s
#11 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows?-Rolling Stones Strange title, but one of the best Stones songs. Radio needs to play this sometimes instead of "Jumping Jack Flash" or "Paint It Black" the top 10...


Gary Schneider said...

"Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long", original title is "Wake Me, Shake Me" as done by the Blues Project. It's the same song.

Anonymous said...

Good reading. Love trivia stuff.
Thanks for the info bytes.
Somehow, the Fall of 1966 is
vivid in my mind. Maybe it's because
I was now out of High School and on
to new ventures.

You say you've heard some songs a bit
too much. Sounds like you listen
to KOLA or KRTH. Both have tight
playlists. I know KRTH is about 240
on a regular basis--with new rotation.
Their 1000 song weekend was great
a few days ago.

Keep up the good work.
We wanna read more stuff.