Saturday, October 28, 2006

KFXM October 28, 1966

Halloween 40 years ago. #1 This week Good Vibrations-Beach Boys

New songs on the survey this week

Mellow Yellow-Donovan Followup to "Sunshine Superman" supposed to be Paul McCartney doing the whispers in the song
Time After Time-Chris Montez No this is not the Cindy Lauper song. Anyone else that had hits that sang so off key?
Hazy Shade of Winter-Simon & Garfunkel Wasn’t a very big hit, but big enough to get remade by the Bangles in 1987.
Knock On Wood-Eddie Floyd Another song that was remade (disco version) by Amii Stewart.
Fifi The Flea-Sidekicks Don’t know what to say about this one
A Man And A Woman-Tamiko Jones Never heard this, but I believe it was the theme from the movie of the same title.
New debuts on the fabulous forty
#40 ESP-Rain I’m not sure if this was a a garage band song, but somewhere along the way someone told me it was.
#39 Every Day & Every Night-The Trolls Is this a reworking of All Day And All the Night by the Kinks with alittle Gloria thrown in? Group was from Chicago.
#27 Society’s Child-Janis Ian Huge hit in the Inland Empire. Making a social statement, but when is the last time you’ve heard this on the radio.

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Anonymous said...

Love the comments.
Well put. A few barbs don't hurt.
That Janis Ian song had it's first
go-round this time 40 years ago.
I think it became a national hit
in the Spring of 67. ???

It would be fun to mix the
Stories'"Brother Louie" and
"Society's Child".