Saturday, October 21, 2006

KFXM October 21, 1966

Monkees Car on the cover. Interesting mention inside that The Monkees are revealed not to play their own instruments! I didn't remember that information being revealed this early in the show. I guess it didn't decrease their popularity. Their next hit in a couple of months is I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone
Pictures at remotes at Sages. I didn't go to these remotes but I have been at Sages record departments. Usually their record prices were a little higher than I could afford at the time. I bought a couple of oldies 45rpms at Sages that I just had to havein late 1966 or early 1967 for $.88 Gloria-Them and Satisfaction-Rolling Stones
#1 Poor Side of Town-Johnny Rivers

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Anonymous said...

I agree Sages prices were high. I bought many of my albums when they were on sale at White Front. In 1967 - 1969 I remember the best price for a new album release on sale there was $2.33. A few years earlier I had paid $5 for Alvin and the Chipmunks albums at Harris with my mother along.

John from Fontana (back then)