Friday, October 06, 2006

KFXM October 7, 1966

The cover is a week late. 96 Tears was #1 last week. This week is BABY-Carla Thomas. 96 Tears is down to #2. Debuting at #6 this week Dandy-Herman's Hermits. One of my favorites from 1966 is moving down the charts Get Away by Georgie Fame at #32 Pictures of Al Anthony, Bob Griffen, Al Barnett and Barry Boyd inside the Ttiger Mag

We have a winner. JOCKO is the name of the Tiger Mascot and the winner is Jack R. Johnson

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember the K/MEN wrestled a "Victor, the wrestling bear" as well. Was it the same bear?
Was it before or after the KFXM event? Diferent year?
Inquiring minds must inquire!