Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chipping away one more time......


Here's the transcript about from the California Aircheck video of that
K/MEN reunion where the first song was discussed:

Bill Watson: Someone asked me what the first record played
on K/MEN was. I can't remember. (PAUSE) "One little kiss and a lot of
lovin'," by Gene McDaniels "Chip, Chip." Huckleberry was the first voice on
the radio at K/MEN in 1962. He and I talked about what record to play, but
we weren't looking for the hippest record on the planet. Because what we
talked about was that the competition was huge and had a 50 share and we need
to chip away at 'em. And I said, play "Chip, chip" baby.
Chuck Clemans: We knew the only way we could do it was to
sit down and start laying some pipe.
William F. Williams: (Laughs) And boy, did we lay some pipe.
Chuck Clemans: I didn't mean that in a sexual sense.
William F. Williams: Neither did I.
Bill Watson: Of course not. And that's what we did
and that's why we got "Chip, Chip."

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