Thursday, August 28, 2008

KFXM and K/men August 23, 1963

Beach Boys Rule! #1 Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe on both K/men and KFXM
Highest debut #9 Martian Hop-Ran-dells
What is Yellow Summer-Tupper Saussy?
and one you've heard of Honolulu Lulu-Jan & Dean

Highest KFXM debut #6 If I Had A Hammer-Trini Lopez
Steve Alaimo has #32 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying Is this the same song Gerry & The Pacemakers will have out next year?

#56 The Drummer Plays For Me-Hal Blaine He will be inducted into the San Bernardino Route 66 Hall Of Fame this year
In the notice at the bottom it states to pick up the KFXM coloring book. Anyone out there know anything about that? Does a copy of that exist?


Anonymous said...

Was Hal Blaine established
as a great drummer by Summer of
Didn't he graduate from
SBHS in Berdoo?

Anonymous said...

There's an article in The San Bernardino Sun August 20, 2008 Page A3, about Hal Blaine. You might be able to get it on The Sun website. He said he did his first recording in San Bernardino. He attended San Bernardino High School, but he left before graduating to serve in the Army in Korea.