Friday, August 15, 2008

"Dirty" Don McCoy

Don McCoy with his new radio station.
Dave via Bill Earl sent me the clipping of the article.
If you want to read it online another friend Dave sent me the site to go to


Bill Earl said...

Thanks, Doug for mentioning my name...

May I take this time to "plug" a new internet oldies station that I just spent the past four days personally "consulting"?

KXOK, Manteca CA ("with studios inside the historic El Rey Theater building")can be heard at

David Ferrell Jackson of the San Francisco Bay Area Museum fame is the "kingpin" behind this new channel.

The DJ staff is trickling in..."The Darin' " PHIL HERON, is the latest new hire, and he starts on Monday August 18 from 9 to Noon every weekday.

Worth checking out,in my book!

Anonymous said...

Well I was out in the IE this
weekend and listened to 93.5.
Broad range of music through
5 decades. I even heard one
from the 50s one and from the early
60s. Most of the music is 70-90s,
exlcuding disco for some reason.
Nonetheless I found the mix pleasing.
I don't like RAP music but a couple
of songs were played that I enjoyed.
I could listen to this station in
the background for a long time.
I'm an oldies die-hard fan but
this station had a great mix.
That in itself is strange as
stations try to find a narrow
niche. I liked it.
I heard it all the way to Lake
Arrowhead and beyond.
We'll see what happens when they
bring on live jocks. Right now
it's wall to wall music.