Saturday, August 23, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag August 23, 1968

Iron Butterfly coming to The Swing Auditoium August 28th....1968
It took two weeks for Canned Heat to #1 Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat and Gary Lewis & The Playboys?
Dirty Don McCoy, long before debuting his new station KWIE 93.5

Ed Grrrrr SEZ...
Looks like Jonny Bruce is having problems with contests again. They just wouldn't leave you alone Jonny!

On The Road Again-Canned Heat #1
Highest debut Time Has Come Today-Chambers Brothers #29
Fire-Crazy World of Arthur Brown new this week
Also a new one from the Rolling Stones-Street Fighting Man

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Anonymous said...

Street fighting man, On the road again, Do it again, Hush, Matchstick men and Time has come today are all in regular rotation on the now "mostly" 70's and 80's KDES Palm Springs. Jonny Bruce