Thursday, August 14, 2008

Contest Winner

I had an inquiry on how I won the TV set on KFXM. (It was a Toshiba) So here's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
The contest was a call in to name the song and the artist that was played at a certain time of the day, so you had to keep track of songs KFXM played.
They were giving away a TV set, so I decided to try to win. I called when they announced the contest and the caller gave the right answer for the time they had asked, but he was told the answer was wrong. This happened to three or four callers.
For some reason I had noticed that KFXM was announcing the time three minutes later than the time that was on my watch, so I kept dialing, and was put on the air.
I gave the name of the song played three minutes after the time they asked for, which was Thou Shall Not Steal. Then my mind went blank. Who sang that song? The DJ (who I can't remember) said "You know who it is!'" And just in the nick of time, I said Dick & DeeDee. If the station time was correct it would have been "Thou Shall Not Win"
I went to pick up the TV at the station, and it was Doug Collins who presented it to me.

P.S. It died about 1988, so it was good for about 18 years.

This was the first big prize on the radio. I won one other big prize and it was on K/men, and I'll tell you about that at another time.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how it worked out for
you. The speed demons always
got in.

By the way, did Doug
Collins have a big grin congratulating you on the win?