Sunday, August 03, 2008

KFXM Johnny Helm from Sunday to Saturday

A note sent to me from Johnny Helm on KFXM 96.7 Lancaster.
Hi your website! Brings back some great memories. Today (Sunday, Aug. 3rd) is my final Sunday show on KFXM, after a week hiatus, I'll be back on Saturday August 16th. I hope your readers will listen to my show beginning at noon today.....hope it brings back some great memories! Tune to and just click on the meter!
Thanks again Doug for keeping the memories coming!
Johnny Helm


Anonymous said...

Saturday's heh?
I like the Helms man back
on radio. I remember listening
to him 40 years ago. Nice again.
Doing a great job of jockeying
the music.

Bill Earl said...

To Johnny:

Break a leg (on your new saturday gig!)

I can't think of a BETTER replacement for ME in those hours (my old shift 4/07-7/08) than YOU.

I'm still getting over those "Mr. Un-FEELing" blues!!!

Bill Earl
Retired Fertilizer Distributor