Sunday, August 24, 2008

K/mentertainer August 24, 1962

Four Seasons First #1 hit Sherry
Highest debut #4 I Remember You-Frank Ifield Noticed by a reader #1 is a higher debut than #4, probably the first time . New
Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett A song that will last forever, if now only during Halloween
He's A Rebel-Vikki Carr looks like she gets first play of this song on K/men
Ray Stevens followup to Ahab The Arab is Popeye & Olive Oil I guess it didn't have the hook as Ahab did
There's an exclusive on Brian Lord's Elvis Presley interview. Anyone know anything about it?


Anonymous said...

Yea the Vikki Carr version
of HE'S A REBEL made it out
first. There was a rush to
get it and the Crystals out
ASAP. Liberty was trying to
beat Phil Spector to it. They
did but he won out in the end.

However, that Vikki Carr version
is very good too. I enjoy it
very much. Can't say a thing bad
about it. It's just that we're
used to listening to the Crystals

Anonymous said...

The highest debuts(new) #1 "Sherry"
and(new) #4 "I Remember You" both
on Vee-Jay.

Is "Sherry" the first song to debut at #1 On K/men?

Anonymous said...

The year is 62, not 63.

Apart from Monster Mash, it's the first appearance of Do You Love Me, the great dancer by the Contours on Gordy...awesome false ending..."now that i can dance, dance, dance, watch me now!"

As to He's A Rebel, the Crystals are clearly better, but Vikki did indeed get the jump. I can say a bad thing about it: Carr's Liberty label version has too much of a stilted march beat to it.

Never cared for Sherry. Ready when you are...ready, aim...

Anonymous said...

This is not a shooting range
so you are safe.

I agree about the marching
cadence on the Carr version.
But I still liked it.
They gave it a good try but
Spector mastered it.

Anonymous said...

More on the Carr version.
Since the song is about a REBEL,
makes sense about the marching
cadence. You know: Rebel, army,
That's my connection to the way
they did it. I don't know.
Wasn't ther.

Bill Earl said...

The Vikki Carr version was MY book.
By the way, I'm a townhomeowner in ROSEMEAD...the city that Vikki Carr grew up in, her former home just blocks from the window I'm looking out of.

Bill Earl said...

One more thing as to WHY the Vikki Carr song was superior.

Listen to the lyrics.

And look at an old pic of Vikki Carr from her first Liberty LP, flip hairstyle, etc.

Vikki Carr's image then was that of a "good" "pure" Mexican-American Catholic girl that looked like she didn't "put out", BUT she LOVED her "REBEL," and she was risking her reputation by hanging w/ him.

The Crystals sounded to me very "streetwise" and, to my ears, not as BELIEVABLE as "good girls" even though they just might well have been in real life.

Remember didn't The Crystals also record a song "Let's Do The Screw"?

NO WAY, would the "virginal imaged" Vikki Carr have gotten away with THAT type of song back then.

But the Crystals COULD and DID, after hearing their portion of the song "Let's Do The Screw."

The image of Vikki Carr made the whole concept of the record "He's A Rebel" more believable.