Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Vinyl Record Day

I started buying records in 1966. And until 1967 they were 45s. Like a lot of kids that bought 45s and listened to the radio, I picked up the local radio survey and marked what records I had on the survey. (why didn't I use pencil?) This was probably marked a 2-3 months after the date of the survey, because I bought the 3/$1.00 (or .49 each) records at Lyle's Record City. I couldn't afford the new ones. I owned the following 45s at the time this survey was defaced.
Sunny-Bobby Hebb I remember this had a slight warp, but it played just fine.
Hanky Panky-Tommy James & The Shondells The copy I had was on Snap Records. This was the second record I ever bought.
Wild Thing-Troggs My favorite at the time, and I used to play the flip side a lot, it was called From Home
This Door Swings Both Ways-Herman's Hermits I remember regretting spending my money on this 45. It was probably the third record in the 3 for 1.00
Psychotic Reaction-Count Five This group actually made a personal appearance at Lyle's. Another flip side I liked They're Gonna Get You
Guantanamera-Sandpipers I remember a classmate of mine making fun of me because I had this record. Randy S. do you remember that?

The K/men goat made an appearance at the local McDonalds giving away free hamburgers, so I had to go. The goat was accompanied by Buddy Budnik. The thing I remember about the goat is that it was leaving souviners all over the ground, and I had to be careful not to step on them.

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