Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Radio To Television-Engineer Bill

Sad news for kids of 50's television. Engineer Bill Stulla has died at the age of 97.

Some links for those who are interested.


Anonymous said...

I'll always remember Engineer Bill...he was great for us kids back in the late 50's. Looks like he had a long and fruitful life. The Chicago song "Old Days" says it all about that era. Too bad times have changed so much. Life was so much simpler back then.
Johnny Helm

Anonymous said...

Agree Engineer Bill was early
Mr. Rogers. I enjoyed his easy
manner and fatherly look.

On the previous comment, just wanna say that
TODAY will be another generation's
"good old days". Hard to believe
it but it will be. Things are
always better through retrospect.
Amazing what filters the mind has.

Bill Earl said...

Remember Stulla's on-air "substitute"?


His name was WAYNE THOMAS, and he was actually rumored to have auditioned to be one of the original 93/KHJ Boss Jocks, as KHJ wanted to have a visible link to their sister station KHJ Channel 9.
I wonder if HE is still alive.

For Stulla, 97 is a long life, nobody lives forever.

I read that Engineer Bill's show ended in 1966 because it just wasn't "hip" enough in the rapidly evolving pop culture of that era.

I saw him at the old El Rancho market shopping center in Arcadia when I was a child...I was surprised that he was of quite short stature....he looked much "taller" on TV.

I guess the only one we have left from that era is Tom Hatton.

I actually learned how to IMPROVE MY ARTWORK by watching Hatton and his "squiggles."

Trivia: Hatton played a THRUSH henchman in the pilot episode of The Man From UNCLE, when that show was called simply..."SOLO."

Bill Earl said...
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