Friday, April 11, 2008

April 6, 1973...35 Years Ago

New #1 on KMEN The Nights The Lights Went Out In Georgia-Vicki Lawrence
KFXM still sticking with Roberta Flack at #1 Neil Diamond trying for a live version of his hit Cherry Cherry
Blue Suede Shoes-Johnny Rivers. In 1973 still remaking the hits for a Hitbound
Comment: At this point I haven't scanned any additional 1973 surveys into my computer. Should I continue? There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in 1973. Any other years in the 1970s that might be more interesting. (There were no regularsurveys on KMEN after 1973, but I do have KFXM and KOLA)


Anonymous said...

Yea drop the KMEN charts.
By early 1974 they decided the
current Rock scene was too heavy.
They went "light". An example
of this is 'TSOP' by MFSB.
They would not play it. Claimed
it was too repetitive. And it
was but so what it was a great
tune. Anyway that began their
spiral from the legendary KMEN
as it was. RIP.

Bill Earl said...

Only display post-1974 KMEN surveys if DJ pics are on them.

And when you display 1962 KMEN folders, PLEASE ALWAYS display the COVER, NOT just the insides.


Thanks, Doug! :)