Friday, April 25, 2008

K/MEN April 25, 1970

The K/men softball team on the cover
Mark Ford and his stock car, and another picture of the K/men "Heavy Hitters" One event I looked forward to each year the K/men Soundathon, where you could vote for your favarites, and hear the countdown on Mememorial Day Weekend VOTE NOW!
I went to a Jethro Tull concert in early 1970 at the Swing Auditorium. This was the concert I was looking forward to. I liked the songs I heard by them on the radio. I wasn't impressed. Either right before, or right after this concert I went to a Three Dog Night concert, and I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe I just wasn't sophisticated enough for Jethro Tull
More details on "A Date With Johnny Helm" winner Mary Jones.

ABC-Jackson Five #1 for the third week. Much different from the KFXM #1s at thissame time.
Hit Bound
Come Saturday Morning-Sandpipers Another hit for them. Last big hit was 1966's Guantanamera

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