Sunday, April 06, 2008

K/mentertainer April 6, 1962

The 2nd K/mentertainer. A lot of my K/mentertainers from 1962 are copies made from KFXM jock Vic Moreno's collection. Without him the first year of these surveys would not have been possible.

#1 Mashed Potato Time-Dee Dee Sharp
Midnight In Moscow, Soldier Boy and Love Letters are new in the K/men-dous Ten
A lot of interesting new titles coming on as Honorable K/mention, that I've never heard. Among hem are.
Jacobs Ladder-Fred Darian
Tanglefoot-Charlie Drake
Call On Me-H.B. Barnum
All I have of the rest of the K/mentertainer is a copy of the front page. What is also interesting is that the color of the copy here came out different than on my copy saved to the computer. The background of the survey is a lot darker green than the white that shows up here.

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