Tuesday, April 01, 2008

March 30, 1973...35 Years Ago

Once again Killing Me Softly With His Song again #1 on both surveys

Future Hit
an instrumental Frankenstein-Edgar Winter Group

An address to write for Poster Photos of the KFXM DJs. Anyone write in for them? Anyone get them? Tell me about it!

Concert coming up featuring Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac at the Swing Auditorium

Donny Osmond moving up on both surveys with one of his remakes-The Twelfth of Never

Kmen Hit Bound
Reeling In The Years-Steely Dan

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Anonymous said...

Let's start a conversation. The reason I like the 1963 charts over the 1968 chart is the localism. Though there's more activity than on some charts than others - on the most recent KFXM chart, there are 2 or 3 local records - the Tornados, the Pleasures and maybe even the Olympics - that didn't hit the national charts.

By 68, even tho many of the records were classics, it's the same old same old, the same music on KFWB or KRLA, just the positions were different...the death of local or purely So. Cal. records. So I thank the owner of this site for posting the '63 charts, the ones that matter...and wonder...do you have any more from '61 or '62 you could put up?

If there's interest, I'll have more to say later.