Saturday, April 12, 2008

KFXM Tiger April 12, 1968

Two of the new guys Jimmy Mack and returning Jim Conniff (Jim Crane) Box Tops make the cover

An American Breed picture and article, and an Box Tops article

Playboy-Gene & Debe #1
Something different for the fabolous forty, that I was not happy about. It is now the top thirty, plus ten, plus the personal picks. There wouldn't be a top 40 again until either the late 70's or early 80s on KFXM.

Call Me Lightning-The Who, my favorite new song at the time. I can't explain that.
The artists are switched on the Personal Pick I Will Always Think About You is by The New Colony Six.


Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Jonny Bruce moved up to full time after the big shake up at KFXM?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I asked the same question. Jimmy Mack came in as a flashy former KCBQ jock. I was pissed but he didn't last long. He had a big ego at the time but turned out to be a nice guy and we became friends. After he left I got the shift at last. He ended up at KBIG for a long time but I don't know what happened to him. Jonny Bruce