Wednesday, April 23, 2008

K/MEN April 1970

Johnny Helm made the cover. He autographed this for me quite a few years later, at one of the KMEN reunions. A Creedence story for you
Two other interesting stories. The Smother Brothers on ABC in 1970. I remember their 1960s show, but ABC in 1970, I don't remember.

Now this is 1970 and Rowan & Martin wanted to produce vidtape cassettes for the home market. It didn't happen for ten years, but the predictions came true. The only difference is that movies made it big before shows produced for tape.

K/men contest, win a date with Johnny Helm. Weeks to come, see the results of this contest.
Fourth Annual Soundathon coming for Memorial Day Weekend
We have pictures of Joe Angel this week and Johnny Helm. Who are the other K/men?
No picture, but we have Robert E. Walker 6-10am, Dave McCormick 10-1pm, Mark Ford 1-4pm, Tom Becker 4-8pm, Johnny Helm 8-Midnight, Joe Angel All Night Long and Harry Scarborough (Sporadically)
#1 ABC-Jackson Five
#7 has a wrong title for the Ray Stevens song. How about Something Is Beautiful? Someone got it mixed up with Something's Burning.
A lot of interesting Hit Bounds this week. Most weren't hits.
Miss America-Mark Lindsey
Boogie Woogie Country Girl-Southwind (I had won a copy of their album on a contest)
Magical Connection-John Sebastion (should have been a big hit)
Ticket To Ride-Carpenters (Close To You is right around the corner)
Westbound #9-Flaming Ember (My favorite new song at the time)

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