Saturday, April 19, 2008

KFXM Tiger April 19, 1968

Charlie Walters at KFXM The Dlefonics

#1 Payboy-Gene & Debe
This week's top ten is very unusual. Half the songs you wouldn't think of as top ten songs. Look at #10 I Got The Feelin'-James Brown. (even though it did make the top ten nationally)
Big jump for Unicorn-Irish Rovers #2
#25 Highest debut in the top 30 Good, Bad and The Ugly-Hugo Montenegro
Personal Picks
Un-Mundo-Buffalo Springfield. I think this was a very unusual song by them to be a single.
Brooklyn Roads-Neil Diamond

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

PLAYBOY #1? Hmmmmmm....was it
that great? I did like it though.
Gene & Debbie. Gene is GENE
THOMAS from the 1961 song
SOMETIMES. Now that's a great one.
Oddly, I never hear it on
Rich Bro Radio......

Another one I loved was
HERE'S TO YOU by Hamilton Camp.
He passed away last year.
Always like to hear that song again
and again.