Monday, April 07, 2008

K/mentertainer April 6, 1968

K/MEN Magical Mystery Tour continues... K/MEN Band Happening Winners, Love Unlimited

New pictures of the K/MEN First time published, and I believe the last time published

#1 Honey-Bobby Goldsboro
Highest Debut #21 Feelings-Grass Roots Also a song that drives many people crazy The Unicorn-Irish Rovers #29
My favoprite Hit Bound this wek Alone Again Or-Love, nothing likeany other of their Inland Empire Hits


Anonymous said...

Ditto on ALONG AGAIN, OR by Love.
Great bridge with the horns.
Lyrics hit the spot too.

The other intersting song
at this time was UNKNOWN SOLDIER
by the Doors. Very timely with
the Vietnam war raging on back

Those 2 stand out from the
rest. Peculiar they were out
at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Seconds after I posted the above
blog, I turned on RichBroRadio
on the web and ALONE AGAIN, OR
was playing. Timely yet strange.

"....strange things happen in
this world..."
LAURIE, Dickie Lee, 1963.