Thursday, April 10, 2008

This weekend, celebrates over 40 years of Bubblegum Music! From Ohio to Montana(Ohio Express to Hanna Montana), KMEN will play them all! It's ALL BUBBLEGUM, ALL WEEKEND, starting Friday afternoon at 3 Pacific Time on KMEN129.COM!Harley

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Anonymous said...

How come some many listings on
this site??

Anyway, I listened to some
of the buggle-gum weekend.
It was ok.

Only thing that bothers me
is the quality of the sound.
Still muddy. Very hard to listen
for any length of time. It hurts!

A good example of what it should
sound like is
Now that sounds clean with much
better bandwidth. His limiters
are also working well. It has
a punch to it's sound. The oldies
he plays never sounded this good
on AM but I'd like to think they did.