Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KFXM and K/MEN 45 Years Ago April 12, 1963

#1 Surfin' USA-Beach Boys on both surveys
I Will Follow Him-Peggy March highest debut #18 "Wax To Watch"
The first chart appearance of The Beatles-Please Please Me (with two t's) officially #41 same week as debut of Another Saturday Night-Sam Cooke

Two new records released on Parkway Records, one will be a hit, one will not.
Oo-Kook-A-Boo-Tip Tops
You Can't Sit Down-Dovells

Also one new song that will get played a lot Killer Joe-Rocky Fellers

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Anonymous said...

A favorite of mine just
coming on was IF YOU NEED ME.
Solomon Burke and Wilson Pickett.
2 separate versions.
I favored the Pickett version.
Even bought the record.
It had a nice yellow label.
Both would be major pop
stars but Pickett would really
explode October 1965 with