Saturday, April 05, 2008

KFXM Tiger April 5, 1968

Blue Cheer making the cover. Some Beatles news in Bits & Pieces
Bobby Goldsboro picture and article
Article about The Sunshine Company This is the April 5, 1968 survey, although it does say March.
Honey-Bobby Goldsboro #1
There's a tie for number 4 this week Playboy and Dance To The Music
Highest debut Son Of Hickory Hollers Tramp-OC Smith #20 It was a Personal Pick (#42) last week
It looks like the new guys are on KFXM Jim Crane, Don McCoy and Jimmy Mack. Goodbye Johnny Helm, Danny Dare and Gary Marshall
No new pictures, and there won't be any for a long time.
If you notice Last Week position, there are numbers like 49 and 54. I guess someone used the in station playlist to come up with those numbers. Someone new must be working on the survey.


Anonymous said...

This is strange to remember this week
out of nowhere. 40years ago today I was
in the control room and Don McCoy was
going to the Inland Center to do
a remote.
Don put on
GOING HOME by the Stones. It gave
him 11 minutes to get across 2 miles.
I was put in the control room
and ran the board while he was
at the remote. It was a thrill to
sit there at ground zero and do
this. Ran the top of the hour ID and I played DANCE TO THE MUSIC.
Wow wow wow I was in heaven.
Don came in after that song from remote
and did the show. I still don't know to this
day how it was arranged that I
would run the local board while
Don went to Remote. That lasted
about 2 hours. You think I was
nervous? YOU BET! I was only engineering but what a joy to
sit there for the first time
and do this. It was magical.
I remember Charlie Walters was
in the Production room next door
showing some kid about jocking.
I didn't have headphones so he
gave me his.
And that's my claim to fame exactly
40 years ago this week. Later
on in the years I would wind up
spinning the hits on the air at KFXM.
Yep DJing on air.
Yep I'm smiling about all this
to this day.

Anonymous said...

The numbers above 40 are there
because the actual list in
the control room went up to
about 60. Yes! They would only
publish the 40 but the list
was way longer. Whoever proofread
the list didn't know about not
publishing beyond 40.
Anyway, that's the mystery for listings above 40.