Friday, June 30, 2006

K/MEN Magical Mystery Tour-Photos Part 3

The survey... The WINNER!!!!!!!!
...back to th old pictures...I don't understand why...

Thursday, June 29, 2006

K/MEN Magical Mystery Tour Photos-Part 2

More pictures of the new K/MEN DJ photos...Dave McCormick, T. Michael Jordon, Brad Edwards and Phil (Bobby) Otis

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

K/MEN Magical Mystery Tour-Photos Part I

In Aoril 1968 K/MEN had their Magical Mystery Tour contest, giving clues to win your own Magical Mystery Tour! Also new photos of the K/MEN published here and never again.

Next---the rest of the photos....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

KFXM Early 70's

Corresponding KFXM DJs to the last posting (on KMEN) December 1970 until June 1972. December 25, 1970 The Top 100 of 1970. George Harrison My Sweet Lord #1 for the year. KFXM lineup Doug Collins, Chuck Clifford, Chris Roberts, Don Mann, Bob B. Blue and Bob Brooks.
July of 1971 Doug Collins, Chris Roberts, Thom Devine, Bob B. Blue, Johnny Kaye. Al Brooks was weekends. The new guy Ed O'Brien. Only picture I've found of Al Brooks is below in the group shot.

Al Brooks in picture with contest winners.
December 1971 Top 100 of the year #1 Joy To The World Three Dog Night. Doug Collins, Chris Roberts, Bruce Chandler (moving over from K/MEN) Johnny Kaye, Thom Devine and Vic Moreno.

June 1972 only change is the addition of Ron Christian. A few years earlier was on KMEN and in the early 1960s was on KFXM for awhile. There was no picture published then, but this picture if Ron is probably from that time, about 10 years before this.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

KMEN pictures

These are KMEN surveys from May and June 1972. The last pictures of the KMEN on surveys. On the motorcycles are Mark Ford (he's still there!) Brother Bill McKinney, Buddy Scott and Jim Quinn. I assume the guy in the background was the winner of the contest. These surveys are sleeves for 45 rpm records. The surveys on one side and pictures on the other. You could slip a record inside. The survey with Dusty Morgan 6/9/72, there was one more 6/16/72 which was the last one of this type, but no pictures of any jocks. Dusty had the last picture that was published on a regular survey from KMEN. September 29, 1972 a new survey started, but no news, no pictures and no jock listings. That lastest until August 10, 1973. Were there any after that? I don't know.

The cartoon appears to be the KMEN headed home with Quinn, Dusty Morgan, Gene Lane, Buddy Scott. Also the only mention of Ted Ziegenbusch as Zig the Fish(prophetic). I'm not sure who Kelly the fish is. Anybody? Anybody? From the last post. Hopefully this picture can be enlarged, unlike the last one.

K/MEN The Last Picture Show

1971 was the last year KMEN printed their K/mentertainer on a regular basis. The first two are the last two issues that they featured the jock lineup in the newspaper form, which was very abbreviated form of the newspaper they published in the 1960s. December 19, 1970 the lineup was Jim Quinn, Dave McCormick, Mark Ford (both since 1967)
Johnny Helm (formerly from KFXM), Bruce Chandler and Joe Angel.
February 26, 1971 The last newspaper (That I have. Anyone have a later one in 1971?), and it featured the lineup.

2/26/71 Dave Sebastion in cartton form (whom I assume was taking over for Jim Quinn-whose picture is still featured next to the survey. Mark Ford, Bruce Chandler, Scott Segraves, Joe Angel and Bob Brooks
June 22, 1971 appears to be the next survey to be published. No longer on newsprint. The following is Dec 10-16, 1971. The very last survey that featured formal picures of the jock lineup.

12/10-16/1971 J Monty Lang/Mark Ford/Buddy Scott/Dusty Morgan/Bill McKinney/Gene Lane

Monday, June 19, 2006

K/MEN Events 1962

A request:
How about a feature about the the "events" by each station? I think KMEN had more. There were a couple of treasure hunts in the mid 60's, there was the sleeplessness marathon at a car stereo store in Riverside, there were a couple (?) of "Walk Back and Forths? John from Fontana (back then)
In K/MEN's first year (1962), they had quite a few events. I don't know much about 1962 events (that was before I listened on a regular basis, so I don't much about them). If someone can give me details, it would be appreciated. 1962: The Ocelot Race/The Walk Back and Forth between San Bernardino and Riverside (The 1st of three?)/Watermelon Eating Contest/1st Annual K/MEN Car Stuff/$1,000 Treasure Hunt/Build A Thing

The K/mentertainer didn't give much information. You had to listen!
more coming

Friday, June 16, 2006

KFXM 1967+

Since I covered the KMEN lineup in 1967, I thought I would also cover KFXM. First off, in the last week of 1966, a group picture of KFXM employees on the Tiger Mag cover. Beginning lineup for Jan 1967. Gary Marshall, Al Anthony, Bill Surrey, Brad Edwards, Dick Lyons and Danny Dare. February 1967 Bill Surrey was gone, Al Anthony no longer a regular on the air, but still in management at KFXM. Add Charlie Walters.
May 1967 gone is Brad Edwards (headed to KMEN) and welcome to Johnny Helm. June 1967 weekend guy Craig Denny was added. Not sure about any other weekend only guys, but Denny was the first to get a weekly picture. Not much of a turnerover like KMEN had in 1967.

Lenny Mitchell and Jason St. George, a couple of short timers in 1967. Lenny was probably better known in San Diego radio.

Also included welcome letter from St. George published in the K/Mentertainer.

In the comment section, tell me a couple of your favorite KMEN and /or KFXM DJs.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The K/MEN in 1967

During 1967 there were a lot of changes in the K/MEN roster. By request I'll do my best to document these changes. Chuck Christiansen was the first to go in 1967. He was Noon- 3 (notice no one listed above?) Bobby West would move from 9- Midnight and Johnny Darin would go in at Noon. Lenny Mitchell would then be the overnight guy for a short while then be replaced by Ron Christian in the middle of January.

In March Dave McCormick replaced Brian Lord, and Robert E. Walker replaced William F. Williams. By the middle of April John Ravencroft would be gone with T. Michael Jordan coming in.

Bobby Darin left in July and Jason St. James came in for only a couple of months. Fred Kiml was replaced by Mark Ford in September. In October we got Russ O'Hara for Jason St. James. Ron Christian left in November and was replaced by Brad Edwards (a KFXM alumni). And finally in December Bobby West was gone, and replaced by Phil Otis (who later became Bobby Otis) If anyone sees any errors let me know.

Monday, June 12, 2006

KFXM more

The DJ lineup and KFXM Tiger 30 from the surveys from the last post.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

By request---K/MEN KFXM DJs

Requested info about DJs KFXM: Denis Robins March 1973 Don McCoy 3-7 time slot October 1969
Fred Finally got his picture published May 1967.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Last K/MEN Small folder

K/MEN Newspaper 2nd Edition--Continued----

Additional pages from Vol 2 Number 1 K/Mentertainer

Comlete turnover of the lineup from the last issue of the newspaper from over a year ago. (See earlier post)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

K/MEN Newspaper 2nd Edition

December 10, 1966, K/MEN started their second newspaer/survey. Very, very nice. Too bad it was on newsprint and not on better paper stock. It included music articles, the survey (now the Top 30), and local events and DJ information.
Coming next...YES... I will publish more pages from this Vol 2 Number 1 issue, and the prior (and last) small K/mentertainer.

Friday, June 02, 2006

K/MEN Newspaper Now you see it! Now you don't!

The last K/mentertainer newspaper for 1965.

K/MEN published their survey in a newpaper for 21 issues in 1965. Then 11/12/65 they went back to the small survey. The same format as they published before. It would be almost another year before they would publish another. What you see here is a photocopy of the last issue, along with the first returning small K/mentertainer.

Coming up next Volume 2 Number 1 of the K/MEN newspaper.