Wednesday, December 31, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 27, 1963

We've come to the end of 1963. The last issues (just for the year)
The K/men are ending the year with the pictures (the caricatures will be back eventually) WOW! #1 is now Out Of Limits-Marketts, I guess both stations finally got new copies of the records.
Highest debut on K/men As Usual-Brenda Lee #7
New this week The Shelter of His Arms-Sammy Davis, Jr.
Our Love Affair-Wink Martindale
You Don't Own Me-Leslie Gore

Big jumps for The Nitty Gritty-Shirley Ellis #33 to #8 and
Surfin' Bird-Trashmen from #38 to #16
Highest debut #33 The Twelve Gifts of Christmas-Allen Sherman
New this week
Big Mean Draggin' Machine-Lynn Bryson (Was this a misprint, or did one of the KFXM jocks have a record out?)
A Fool Never Learns-Andy Williams

KFXM and K/men January 1-2, 1971 Happy New Year

#1 My Sweet Lord-George Harrison
Highest debut Remember Me-Diana Ross #27 Future Hits
Mr. Bojangles-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
When I'm Dead & Gone-Bob Summers

K/MEN well...for some reason I did not get a K/mentertainer this week, and by the photocopy (sorry, only in black & white, and no backside) of the KFXM survey I now have, no original KFXM survey

Here is the K/men Top thirty based on the last week number from next weeks survey
K/men Heavy Hits
1. One Less Bell To answer
3. My Sweet Lord
4. Knock Three Times
5. Immigrant Song
6. River Deep Mountain High
7. Your Song
8. 5-10-15-20 Years of Love
9. Born To Wander
10. Lonely Days

11. Rose Garden
12. Love The One You're With
13. Stoney End
14. No Matter What
15. It's Impossible
16. Black Magic Woman
17. We Gotta Get You A Woman
18. Sweet Mary
19. I Really don't Want To Know
20. Pay To The Piper

22. Watching Scotty Grow
23. If I Were Your Woman
25. Mr. Bojangles
26. If You Could Read My Mind
27. 1900 Yesterday
29. Mixed Up Guy
30. I Hear You Knocking

Dropped from the survey since 12/26 issue
3. Merry Christmas Darling
11. Stoned Love
14. I'm Not My Brother's Keeper
15. Does Anybody Really know What Time It Is
19. For The Good Times
21. Burning Bridges
22. Can't Stop Loving You
23. Do It
25. Silver Moon

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bye Bye Johnny

Johnny Helm left K/men January 1971, and in his own words:

Johnny Helm said...
"Christmas 1970 was not a very merry one for me. Dave McCormick, one of the best PD's ever, was let go the week before. "Scooter" Seagraves was named the new program director. I gave my two weeks notice, and left K/MEN the first week in January. I loved the station and the people that worked there. New management came in and totally wrecked a great radio station. "Scooter" had no clue how to program the station. He added a bunch of album cuts that turned listeners off in groves. "
This brought up a question from one of your listeners, Johnny.
"Interesting bit from the Helmsman. So where did JH go afer KMEN and thereafter? Quit radio??By the way, I do enjoy listening to you on It's the tidbits I enjoy also."
My comment...
I know off and on during the 1970's Johnny returned to K/men, what did he do after he left K/men in 1971?

K/mentertainer December 28, 1968

The winner of the Location X Contest featured on the cover.
Rocky Racoon-Beatles, one of the Most Requested this week
Third week #1 I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Marvin Gaye
Highest debut Touch Me/Wild Child-Doors #24
How about #29 Stand By Your K/Man-Tammy Wynette
Hit Bound
Everyday People-Sly & The Family Stone

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The NEW Buffalo Springfield

I asked the question about, who was in the New Buffalo Springfield, andI got a couple answers, as follows:

Dewey Martin was the original drummer in Buffalo Springfield.

From Wikipedia:

Martin mischievously formed a new version of Buffalo Springfield inSeptember 1968. Dubbed "New Buffalo Springfield", the line up comprised guitarists Dave Price (Davy Jones' stand-in in The Monkees) and Gary Rowles(son of jazz pianist Jimmy Rowles); bass player Bob Apperson; drummer Don Poncher; and horn player Jim Price, who later became a top session musicianfor The Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker among others.
The new band toured extensively and appeared at the highly publicised"Holiday Rock Festival" in San Francisco on December 25-26, 1968, amongother live dates, but soon fell foul of Stephen Stills and Neil Young who took legal action to prevent Martin from using the band's name. In February 1969, Martin and Dave Price formed a second version of New Buffalo Springfield with guitarist Bob "BJ" Jones and bass player RandyFuller, brother of the late Bobby Fuller.
The band did some tentative recordings with producer Tom Dowd overseeing but they were scrapped. The second line up was expanded with another guitarist Joey Newman in June 1969 but two months later, Martin was fired and the remaining memberscarried on as Blue Mountain Eagle. Martin then formed a new group called Medicine Ball, which released a lone album in 1970 for Uni Records. Martin also released two solo singles, one for Uni and one for RCA, which didn't appear on the album. During the 1970s,he retired from the music industry to become a car mechanic.

Also from a comment through a reader's personal experience:

The New Buffalo Springfield was Dewey Martin and Mike Zalk (BS manager) rip-off band after Buffalo Springfield broke up.
I was a huge BS fan and first saw them at The Purple Haze in Riverside on January 12, 1968 with Bruce Palmer on bass. I went to the December 6, 1968 show at Swing to see Buffalo Springfield. I wasnt too fond of Eric Burdon and the Animals but my friend Bob Shephard was into anything British Invasion. I kept telling Bob that Buffalo Springfield was going to blow The Animals off the stage.
I had heard that the band broke up in LA during the summer and the hot rumor was that the New Buffalo Springfield was Steve Stills, Ritchie Furay, Jim Messina, Dewey Martin, the returning Neil Young, new members David Crosby and - fresh off his drug bust with Young, Messina, and Furay - Eric Clapton.
Imagine my surprise when the New Buffalo Springfield came on stage with Dewey Martin fronting the band. The only other person I recognized at the time was Dave Price, a guitar player and singer I had recently seen as a stand in for Davey Jones on the Monkees tour. And there was a horn player to boot! What a kick in the crotch. They were still better than the Animals. I now know the line-up to be Martin, Price, Gary Rowles - Guitar, Bob Apperson - bass, Don Poncher - Drums and Jim Price - horns.

K/mentertainer December 28, 1962

My Wife Can't Cook-Lonnie Russ #1 knocking Dick Dale out of the #1 spot. The las #1 song of 1962
Highest debut Guitar Man-Duane Eddy #6
Also debuting #8 It's Up To You-Ricky Nelson New this week I've Got My Mind Set On You-James Ray. Until George Harrison recorded this, it was relatively unknown
Also Remember Then-Earls

The blurb at the bottom mentions the K/men Soundathon, where they probably played the biggest hits of 1962. If that survey exists, I don't have a copy of it.

No flip side of the survey this week

Saturday, December 27, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag December 27, 1968 Happy New Year from The Jones Boys

The #1 songs on KFXM during 1968. I didn't check for accuracy, but feel free to go back and see if it's correct. There are only 51 weeks, so they did not count Crimson & Clover as #1 this week, even though it was.

The musical highlights and events of 1968
Under the Beatles it mentions the nude photos intended for the cover of the Beatles album. As far as I know, the photos were always intended for the John & Yoko Album. Was there ever a picture considered for the Beatles album?
A couple Jones Boys with Glen Campbell, Just Plain and Unsinkable

Below there are winners of a contest, and one is Zed Ziegenbusch. Could this actually be future K/men's Ted Z?
When you look at next week's survey, you'll see that they treated this week's top 30 as the same as last week's survey, so if you'r keeping track Crimson & Clover is still #1
#1 on KFXM for 1968 Hey Jude-Beatles Lot of interesting songs on the top 100. Look #98 Bring Back Those Doo Wops

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from KFXM and K/men December 25-26, 1970

KFXM presents the Top 100 of 1970 with My Sweet Lord-George Harrison at #1 (also the curent #1) The survey wasn't printed, but my list based on next weeks survey (last week's ranking) Highest debut #24 Mixed Up Guy-Joey Scarbury also new on the Top 30 Groove Me, Paying To The Piper, Watching Scotty Grow

Top Ten of The Year
1-My Sweet Lord
2-Close To You
3-Aint No Mountain High Enough
4-Make It With You-Bread
5-Let It Be-Beatles
6-Spill The Wine-Eric Burdon
7-I'll Be There-Jackson Five
8-Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head-B J Thomas
9-Cecilia-Simon & Garfunkal
10-Tears Of A Clown-Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
also some other interesting songs in the top 100
13-Indiana Wants Me-R. Dean Taylor
23-Brown Paper Bag-Syndicate of Sound
49 Let'd Work Together-Wilbert Harrison
55-Let's Work Together-Canned Heat
62-Gypsy Woman-Brian Hyland
71-Westbound #9-Flaming Embers
76-Viva Tirado-El Chicano
84-Lay A Little Lovin' On Me-Robin McNamera
95-Go Back-Crabby Appleton
100-Get Ready-P G & E (Should be either Get Ready-Rare Earth or Are You Ready-P, G & E)
Get Ready was the bigger hit on KFXM
Have A Merry K/men Christmas
It appears Dave McCormick is missing in action
One Less Bell To Answer-Fifth Dimension #1
Highest debut Sweet Mary-Wadsworth Mansion #26

Monday, December 22, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 20, 1963

Outer Limits-Marketts #1 again on each station
KFXM highest debut Daisy Petal Pickin'-Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs #18
Little Saint Nick-Beach Boys #24 also debuting, and the highest debut on K/men at #7
Personal Picks 12 Gifts Of Christmas-Allen Sherman
It's All In The Game-Cliff Richard
New Pow Wow-Telstars

Sunday, December 21, 2008

K/mentertainer December 21, 1968

Included SOME NOTES ON MUSIC-Dave McCormick
I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Marvin Gaye #1
Bring Back Those Doo-Wops-Bagdads moving up to #15 on K/men. On the KFXM survey, it's starting to move down .
Highest Debut-Bee Gees-I Started A Joke #24. I like the Bee Gees, but this was not one of my favorites.
K/men Heavy (Beatles) album tracks Back In The USSR, I Will, Revolution #1, Obladi Oblida, Julia, Goodnight, Rocky Racoon, Birthday, Glass Onion, Blackbird, Honey Pie
Sounds like this is the single disc album K/men would have chosen

K/mentertainer December 21, 1962

Peppermint Man/Surf Beat-Dick Dale #1 again. As someone mentioned before, the biggest hit on K/men for 1963, and that probably applies to KFXM as well.
Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades highest debut #7 and has always been one of my favorites. New Tornadoes-The Gremmie Parts 1 & 2 also I Saw Linda Yesterday-Dickie Lee

Keep it on K/men for the Dick Dale Story coming soon... exclusively on 129!!!

Sorry, no back side of the survey this week.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag December 20, 1968...Merry Christmas from The Jones Boys

Tiger Mag in Christmas green
Signatures from the Jones Boys and their alter egos, and the rest of the KFXM staff Chambers Brothers with the Jones Boys, also Buddy Miles and Sir Douglas Quintet

Shooting up from #18 to #1 Crimson & Clover-Tommy James & The Shondells
Highest debut #21 Touch Me -The Doors
Good songs for Personal Picks Spanky & Our Gang, Sir Douglas Quintet and The Turtles all have new records and songs I especially like. I'm not familiar with The Hive-Richard Harris
Future hit a remake of This Magic Moment-Jay & The Americans

Friday, December 19, 2008

KFXM and K/men December 18-19, 1970

Toys For Tots with Johnny Helm as Santa I believe the only actual picture of Frank Kelly to appear in a K/mentertainer. If there are more I haven't seen them!
#1 My Sweet Lord-George Harrison #2 One Less Bell To Answer-Fifth Dimension The same on both surveys
Highest debut on K/men Born To Wander-Rare Earth
For the first time in a long time the daily lineup on K/men Jim Quinn Dave McCormick Mark Ford Johnny Helm Bruce Chandler Joe Angel
I Really Don't Want To know-Elvis Presley
Have You ever Seen The Rain-Creedence Clearwater Revival

For your viewing pleasure a closeup of the holiday autographs from KFXM

Highest debut 1900 Yesterday-Liz Damon's Oriental Express #21
Future Hits
Watching Scotty Grow-Bobby Goldsboro
Mr. Bojangles-Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Canned Heat and Southwind will be the first concert of 1971 at the Swing Auditorium

KFXM and K/men December 13, 1963

Still spelled Outer Limits-Marketts #1 on both stations I guess the radio stations didn't pay any attention to the record company's new spelling
Highest debut I Have A Boyfriend-Chiffons #31 a few Christmas songs new this week on KFXM this week Pretty Paper-Roy Orbison and Little Saint Nick-Beach Boys also Santa Claus On A Whirley-Bird-Pat Boone and I Wish You A Merry Christmas-Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva
KMEN has added a Christmas list with a few new songs, including one of my favorites A'Soalin'-Peter, Paul & Mary
Also new Baby, I Love You-Ronettes

Sunday, December 14, 2008

K/mentertainer December 14, 1968

Also a mention of the New Buffalo Springfield. Who was exactly in this group?
Tommy Roe at K/men with Dave McCormick
Coming to The Swing Chambers Brothers and The Buddy Miles Express
I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Marvin Gaye #1
Highest debut Soulful Strut-Young Holt-Limited #17
Bring Back Those Doo-Wops-Bagdads now debuting on K/men at #26
Hit Bound
East Side Story-Caretakers
She's A Lady-John Sebastion

K/mentertainer December 14, 1962

Peppermint Man/Surf Beat-Dick Dale #1 (3rd week)
Highest debut My Wife Can't Cook-Lonnie Ross #9
New songs this week that are actually hitbound.
You've Really Got A Hold On Me-Miracles
Little Town Flirt-Del Shannon
Don't Make Me Over-Dionne Warwick

Sorry, don't have the other side of the survey

Saturday, December 13, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag December 13, 1968...The Jones Boys are still with us...

Eric Burdon/Animals and Buffalo Springfield concert Anyone ever listen to the Doo Wop specials on KFXM?

Jones Boys picture with Casey, Just Plain and Davy Jones

Bits & Pieces a new group with David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash. No name for the group yet. Any suggestions? There is also a mention of a New Buffalo Springfield. What happened there?

Cinnamon-Derek #1
Highest debut Crimson & Clover-Tommy James & The Shondells #18

Inteesting couple double sided hits as The Jones Boys Picks Sammy Davis, Jr and O.C. Smith
The Grooviest Girl In The World-Fun & Games
a very very bubblegum song