Friday, October 18, 2013

KFXM This Week October 1961

Less than 6 months before K/MEN debuts and KFXM with Dion at #1 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another KVCR Survey from 1972 plus

KVCR 10-7-72  Thank you again for your contribution!
Hi Doug,
Here’s the next one, again quickly typed up and only intended for in-station use. No station letterhead. I don’t think we had a new one every week, and perhaps this explains the absence of “Last Week” entries. Of interest is the reference to “album”, the earliest such reference I’ve ever seen and perhaps the very beginning of Album Oriented Radio (AOR). Of course all these songs were on 45s, but later in the year we had a few actual album cuts put on tape cartridges (carts).

And just for comparison KMEN and KFXM surveys


Friday, October 04, 2013

KFXM K/men 50 Years Ago October 1963 with Larry Lujack on KFXM

1963 Hard to believe 50 years ago.   Some really good songs, big hits and rarities in the top ten.  Don't know #10 on KFXM Toys In The Attic-Joe Sherman
Look at the other artists with big hits on these surveys, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Rick Nelson, Jan & Dean, Dion, Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Ronettes, Peter, Paul & Mary.
They better watch out The Beatles are right around the corner.  But even without The Beatles, there are good songs on the survey.
How about the new DJ on KFXM Larry Lujack, and if the order the DJs on KFXM are listed are thetimes on the air, it looks like he's up against Huckleberry on KMEN