Sunday, February 25, 2007

KFXM & K/MEN --- I'm Still Here

I am not intentionally ignoring this site. I have just been having computer problems. And when that got fixed I started having scanner problems. Hoping to remedy that by tomorrow. At this point only pictures I now have in files can be posted. By tomorrow I'll try to get back to my regular schedule.
Some of the KFXM guys from the middle 60s. A copy of the newpaper (Sun-Telegram) ad from March 1962 that introduced K/MEN to the Inland Empire. This is from microfiche from the library, and only a part of a two page ad. If anyone has a better copy or has an original where a copy can be made, and would like to make me a copy or scan, that would be wonderful.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

KFXM February 17, 1967

The Turtles-Happy Together #1 knocking the Rolling Stones down to #2

Big jump for Ed Ames-My Cup Runneth Over from #22 to #6. Next week it'll be #2. Unusual hit for 1967. Elvis has another chart entry #37 Indescribably Blue.

K/mentertainer February 11, 1967

Last week's K/MEN survey. My computer has been down most of this week, and this is the first chance I've had to post anything since it's been back in working order. Rolling Sones #1 again.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I've decided to try to post current pictures of the KFXM and K/MEN djs. The only problem is I only have a few newer pictures.. If you jocked on K/MEN or KFXM and want to show everybody what you look like now, send me a picture telling me when you were at the station, and if you like, tell me what you are doing now. To do this go to my profile, and send me an email through the CONTACT there. After I get a few I'll start posting them..............Thanks, Doug

KFXM Tiger Mag February 10, 1967

Article about The Knack, but they are not the same Knack who had a hit with My Sharona. Although both groups were on Capital Records.
March of Dimes Show lineup this year with a headlining..
Rolling Stones #1 again this week, but look out for the Turtles up from #12 to #2. Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever-Beatles debut this week at #27. Maisy-Magpies a personal pick. This is actually Cashman, Pistilli & West or at least part of that group.

K/mentertainer May 27, 1966

Rolling Stones with Paint It Black the new #1 song this week. The only new song in the top 10 Younger Girl-Hondells #8. Interesting new entries this week Grim Reaper Of Love-The Turtles First appearance by Neil Diamond with Solitary Man. Also Little Girl-Syndicate of Sound

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Stuff Room

I had a request for more pictures of the "stuff room". It's pretty crowded in there, but I managed to get in there to take a couple pictures at different places and angles than before. It made me realize I need to do a little cleaning out of the stuff room! There are sections that are hard to get to, because of stacked boxes. Well, maybe one of these days. Above you see a 1965 Lyle's Record City Calendar handing up on another 45 shelf. This is towards the back of the room, on the right side of the room.
LPs and CDs on one side of the room. Coming in the door, and to the right.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

K/mentertainer February 4, 1966

K/MEN & KFXM both had The Rolling Stones with #1 song this week. Good article and parade pictures this week.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

KFXM Tiger Mag February 3, 1967

The Count Five are on the cover of this week's issue. Also an article inside. Former K/MEN jock Brian Lord is mentioned in article.
Charlie Walters first week as a regular. Say goodbye to Al Anthony and Bill Surrey.
#1 again this week Rlling Stones Let's Spend The Night Together/Ruby Tuesday.
Highest newcomer on the top 40 Epistle To Dippy-Donovan #29
Association's new single #38 No Fair At All/Looking Glass a double sided hit on KFXM
Personal Picks I Feel Free by Cream and Without My Sugar-Sam & The Iridescents
That last song is completely unknown to me. Does anyone know anything about the song or the group?