Sunday, June 28, 2009

K/mentertainer June 28, 1969

Ballad Of John & Yoko-Beatles #1
Highest debut The Minotaur-Dick Hyman #17 New
Sugar Sugar-Archies
Crossroads of Steppin' Stones-Elephant's Memopry
Everybody Knows Maltilda-Duke Baxter

Artcles about Jim Webb, Fifth Dimension, John Lennon & Eartha Kitt, Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Jack Benny, The Who, Leonard Nimoy, Martin Landau, Mama Cass
Anyone going to see The Strawberry Alarm Clock June 28, 1969 at the Swing Auditoruim? Get your tickets at Harris', Lyles, Sages, Liers or Gillettes. Guest star Shylocke and Sue Parker

Saturday, June 27, 2009

KFXM June 27, 1969

My memory is fuzzy on this one. I didn't have an official survey from KFXM, so I must have listened to the countdown show. The Future Hits must be based on last weeks and next weeks survey.
The Jones Boys are gone. We have Doug Collins, Jonny Bruce, Don McCoy, Danny Dare, Bob B. Blue, Gary Evans, Dave Mc Kay and Marvin Bradley (some were former Jones Boys)
Ballad Of John & Yoko-Beatles #1
Highest debut InThe Year 2525-Zager & Evans debuting at #10
Next official KFXM publication!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Early Michael

On this date The Jackson 4 with Michael Jackson peaked at #2 on KFXM with The Love You Save. Did not make to #1 Different story on K/men, next week it would make it to the top of the K/men Heavy Hits

KFXM and K/men June 26, 1964

#1 Based on the next week's survey, it lists Sie Liebt Dich, Cry For A Shadow and Beatle Jazz as #1 and #1 for the prior week (this week), and they disappear the following week. Easy come, easy go. Does anyone have a survey for this week, that can tell me how #1 is listed? The Beatles #1 again.
Highest debut Rag Doll-4 Seasons #5
Nobody I Know-Peter & Gordon
James Bond Theme-Billy Strange
and another Beatles song Aint She Sweet , but not listed on ATCO Records, the US release

Thursday, June 25, 2009

KFXM and K/men June 25, 1971

The new K/mentertainer. Yes it's the same listing as last week, and without a date, but next week's survey is July 5, so this is what there is.
Notice K/men is going to do a Top 300 countdown July 4, 1971. Sorry, don't think I have that list. The K/men are Steve Cary, Dave Sebastion, Mark Ford, Dusty Morgan, Scot Segraves, Bruce Chandler.
Indian Reservation-Raiders #1
Signs-Five Man Electical Band

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KFXM June 24, 1960

Because They're Young -Duane Eddy #1
Highest debut Tell Laura I Love Her-Ray Peterson #36 New
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini-Brian Hyland
Something On Your Mind-Bobby Marchan (for the longest time in the middle sixties I heard this song, but never knew what it was, or who did it)
Walk Don't Run-Ventures
When Will I Be Loved-Everly Brothers

Monday, June 22, 2009

Top 40 DJ Museum

Now on the internet-Top 40 DJ Museum A supplement to the now completed (It's still there!)

If you're looking other top 40 radio station information besides KFXM and K/MEN

Sunday, June 21, 2009

K/mentertainer June 21, 1969

Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet-Henry Mancini #1 beating out The Beatles
Highest debut I've Been Hurt-Bill Deal & The Rhondells #17

So why is Me & Mr Hohner by Bobby Darin #2 on KFXM and nowhere to be seen on K/men? And the same thing for Quentins Theme-Charles L Green Sounds #7 on K/MEN and KFXM doesn't have it on their survey????
Willie & Laura Mae Jones-Dusty Springfield

K/men Soundathon Top 30 Albums of All-time as voted by you!
Newport '69 Pop Festival
The K/men Robert E. Walker, Charles Martin, Mark Ford, Dave McCormick, Johnny Helm and Jay London

Also From Inside K/MEN Car 1290

KFXM June 20, 1969

Mailed directly to me in 1969
Ballad Of John & Yoko-Beatles #1
Highest debut Ruby Don't take Your Love To Town-Kenny Rogers & The First Edition New
Get Together-Youngbloods
In The Year 2525-Zager & Evans
Stay & Love Me All Summer-Brian Hyland

Friday, June 19, 2009

KFXM and K/men June 19, 1964

Sie Liebt Dich-Beatles #1
Highest debut See above
2nd highest debut Don't Throw Your Love Away-Searchers #10
Half of the ten are still British groups.
Who's Wendy Nicholass? She joined Brian Lord Tuesday nights 6-9 New
Sweet Georgia Brown-Beatles
Summer Means Fun-Bruce & Terry
You Don't Love Me-Tommy Raye

Cry For A Shadow-Beatles
#1 KFXM Beatle Bunch Sorry I don't have the other side.
Highest debuts Memphis-Johnny Rivers #5!!!! debut and People-Barbra Streisand #15
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena-Jan & Dean
I Want To Hold Your Hand-Boston Pops Orchestra
The Woody Woodpecker Song-Baja Marimba Band
Dang Me-Roger Miller

Were you the ones that went backstage to meet The Beatles at The Hollywood Bowl with Rhett Walker and Dave Fransen?

KFXM and K/men June 16-18, 1971

Nathan Jones-Supremes #1
There are no last wek's numbers, but what is new on the top 30? She Didn't Do Magic-Lobo #27 New
I Single I bought at Two Guys about this time It's About Time-Dillards
...should have been a hit

KFXM news is back...just for this week.

Don't Knock My Love-Wilson Pickett #1
Highest debut She's Not Just Another woman-8th Day #25
Never Ending Song Of Love-Delaney & Bonnie

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

KFXM June 17, 1960

Image Of A Girl-Safaris #1
Highest debut Moonlight Cocktails-The Rivieras #36 New
Tell Laura I Love Her-Ray Peterson

Monday, June 15, 2009

K/mentertainer June 14, 1969

One -Three Dog Night #1
Highest debut Quentins Theme-Charles Randolph Green #17 New
I've Been Hurt-Bill Deal & The Rhondells

Soundathon information
For those who like statistics, Dave McCormick has analyzed the top 300
Also an artist breakdown

Saturday, June 13, 2009

KFXM June 13, 1969

Once again thanks to Vic Moreno for this copy of the KFXM survey.
Ballad of John & Yoko-Beatles #1
Highest debut My Pledge Of Love-Joe Jeffrey Group #18 I think this song eventually became one of the most overplayed songs on KFXM in 1969 New
I Want To Take You Higher-Sly & The Family Stone
Breakaway-Beach Boys

Friday, June 12, 2009

KFXM and K/men June 12, 1964

#1 TIE The Beatles/You Name It and I Get Around/Don't Worry Baby-Beach Boys
Highest debut Girl From Ipanema-Gilberto Getz #7
Also at #10 Tall Cool One-Wailers a really good instumental New
Bama Lama Bama Loo-Little Richard
Can't You See That She's Mine-Dave Clark 5
The Little Old lady From Pasadena-Jan & Dean
Rag Doll-Four Seasons

#1 The Beatle Bunch Sorry don't have the other side, but it's probably not much different than last week
Highest debut #26 Girl From Ipanema
Wishin' and Hopin'-Dusty Springfield
You're My World-Cilla Black
Handy Man-Del Shannon

Thursday, June 11, 2009

KFXM and K/men June 9-11, 1971

It's Too Late-Carole King #1 on both statins this week.
Highest debut on KFXM She's Not Just Another woman-8th Day #25 New
Sooner Or Later-Grassroots
Ooh Poo Pah Doo-Ike & Tina Turner

Higest debut Funky Nassau-Beginnuing Of The End #27
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart-Bee Gees

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KFXM June 10, 1960

Alley Oop-Hollywood Argyles #1
Highest debut All I Could Do Was Cry-Etta James #32
Also new at #36 Finger Poppin' Time-Hank Ballard
More Than I Can Say/Baby My Heart-Crickets
There just aren't any new songs this week that will become hits.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

K/mentertainer June 7, 1969

Your Souvenir SOUNDATHON Edition for 1969. Always my favorite K/mentertainer edition. Hey Jude-Beatles #1 Light My Fire was #1 for 1968 and Cherish was #1 for 1967
also in the top ten Love Is Blue-Paul Mauriat, Sunshine of Your Love-Cream, Satisfaction-Rolling Stones
Some unusual songs in the top 50: Soul Experience-Iron Butterfly #14 Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix Experince #26 Bluebird-Buffalo Springfield #31 The Lonely Bull-Tijuana braas #41 Wichita Lineman-Glen Campbell #50
Some of my personal favarites from 51 to 150 Rhythm Of The Rain-Cascades #56 I Feel Free-Cream #63 I Will-Beatles #69 Outer Limits-Marketts #80 (yes K/men is still calling it The Outer Limits in 1969) I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles #88 Let's Live For Today-Grass Roots #98 Little Black Egg-Night Crawlers #104 Catch The Wind-Donovan #125 How'd We Ever Get This Way-Andy Kim #127 On The Way Home-Buffalo Springfield #134
Some more numbers And Suddenly-Cherry People #166 October Country-October Country #183 Rock Around The Clock-Bill Haley & The Comets #200 Pipeline-Chantays #228 Live-Merry-Go-Round #233 Born Free-Matt Monroe #248 Nowhere Man-Beatles #250
The bottom part of the chart features these tunes.
Earth Angel-Penguins #252 Fortune Teller-Rolling Stones #255 Try Me-James Brown #276 Break On Through-Doors #293 and ending up at #300 Knock On Wood-Eddie Floyd
Look at he survey. Any surprises for you on the Top 300?
As voted the top albums of all time #1 The Beatles (White album) It beat out Sgt Peppers

For this week there is a tie for #1 Get Back-Beatles and One-Three Dog Night
Highest debut Love Me Tonight-Tom Jones #25
Ballad Of John & Yoko-The Beatles

Saturday, June 06, 2009

KFXM June 6, 1969

Jumping up from #8 to #1 Let Me-Paul Revere & The Raiders
Highest debut Windmills Of Your Mind-Dusty Springfield #24
Two Beatles singles in the top ten New
In The Times Of Our Lives-Iron Butterfly
The Minotaur-Dick Hyman & Electric Eclectics
ListenTo The Band-Mike Nesmith (actually The Monkees)
Good Old Rock & Roll-Cat Mother

Friday, June 05, 2009

Rolling Stones First Concert

To go along with the K/men June 5th Bill Watson Rolling Stones Concert tickets giveaway:

June 5-7, 1964: The Rolling Stones perform their first concerts in the United States at auditoriums in San Bernardino, California and San Antonio, Texas.
Keith Richards: The first American gig...actually (our first ever American) gig was in San Bernardino. It was a straight gas, man. They all knew the songs and they were all bopping. It was like being back home. Ah, love these Americans and Route 66 mentioned San Bernardino, so everybody was into it...

KFXM and K/men June 5, 1964

Beatle Bunch #1 Showing adding Cry for A Shadow, so does this mean that that song jumped to #1 ? I don't have the back of the next three weeks (which shows Beatle Bunch as number 1) Personally I would have liked a #1 song listed, so I guess Cry For A Shadow debuted at #1
Other highest debut My Dreams-Brenda Lee #33 New
Try It Baby-Marvin Gaye
Hey harmonica Man-Stevie Wonder
Oh Rock My Soul-Peter, Paul & Mary
The Mexican Shuffle-Tijuana Brass
Woody Woodpecker Song-Baja Marimba Band
Regarding the KFXM Squad
Last week Ted Behr seemed to join up, and this week we have Barry Boyd

K/men seems to have their equivilent to the Beatle Bunch The Beatles/You Name It
They also have a tie for #1 IGet Around/Don't Worry Baby-Beach Boys. Only seems fair, two Beach Boy songs against at least 10 Beatles songs
Highest debut Angelito-Rene & Rene #5
Alone-Four Seasons
Farmer John-Premiers
Announcement that K/men is giving away Beatles concert tickets at the Hollywood Bowl, and Rolling Stones concert tickets Friday June 5th. Hey! That's tonight! 45 years ago today.